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North West Leicestershire Police – Summer update

Welcome to my latest update, it has been a busy few months since my update in April.

Kayleigh Haywood
At the beginning of July, two local men were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment following the grooming, false imprisonment, rape and murder of Measham teenager Kayleigh Haywood.

Kayleigh was groomed online by Luke Harlow, before she was killed by his next door neighbour, Stephen Beadman, in the early hours of Sunday 15 November 2015.
At Nottingham Crown Court on the 1st July, Beadman, was given a life sentence, to serve a minimum of 35 years, after pleading guilty to murder and rape and being found guilty of false imprisonment.

Harlow, of George Avenue, Ibstock, was sentenced to a total of 12 years after being found guilty of false imprisonment and having pleaded guilty to meeting Kayleigh following sexual grooming, two counts of sexual activity with her, and two counts of attempting to meet two other girls following sexual grooming.

My thoughts as always, are with Kayleigh’s family and friends and I know this case has had a powerful impact across North West Leicestershire. Leicestershire Police have made a film about Kayleigh’s story which was shown extensively in Measham, Ibstock, and Coalville in early July.

In September, when the schools return all children aged 11 years and older in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland will be given the opportunity to see the film.
It is a powerful film and we are grateful to Kayleigh’s family for allowing us to tell her story and I am sure it will make a difference.

The film has attracted a lot of interest and all police forces have been given the opportunity to use it in their work with young people. I understand that once the programme for showing the film to schools has been completed then it will be released publicly.

Download Festival
In June we had the 2016 European Football Championships, and locally at the same time the Download Festival took place. I have to confess that I am not a massive fan of football, but I do know enough that England did not do very well, and the Welsh team did a lot better than expected.
For the police, the Download Festival was a massive success, despite the efforts of the weather to ruin it. This year only 42 crimes were reported to us, compared to 60 the previous year which we thought we would not be able to improve on after the excellent results from last year. Crime has now fallen, year-on-year, for three years and figures are at an all-time low.

2011 – 159
2012 – 195
2013 – 301
2014 – 92
2015 – 60
2016 – 42

I would like to pay tribute to the work of all of our neighbourhood officers to ensure that not only do we deal with 80,000 people visiting our area for the five days of the festival, but also carry on with normal day to day policing.

Rural Watch

In February this year Leicestershire Police set up Rural Watch, to create a network of villagers, farmers, churches and businesses that can work together to address local policing issues, share information and combat crime affecting parts of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Rural Watch brings together several existing schemes, including Horse Watch, Church Watch and Farm Watch, which have been operating across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, to create a bigger network and to help ensure everyone has access to advice and information.

Rural Watch is open to anyone who lives, works or visits rural locations in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. For more information about the scheme, and to find crime prevention advice on a range of topics, visit RURAL WATCH
If you are interested in joining the scheme please email your details to rural.watch@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk

You can also follow Rural Watch on twitter @Leicsruralwatch or on Facebook/leicsruralwatch

In North West Leicestershire we are lucky to have a great set of volunteers who give up so much of their time to support policing and the local community. At Download each year we rely on our volunteers to help provide crime prevention advice, and we have an active group of Special Constables and Police Cadets.

In June Special Sergeant Lee Bennett won the Outstanding Leader award at the Leicestershire Police Volunteers in Policing award ceremony. I must congratulate Lee on his well deserved award. More recently our specials have not only been assisting on day to day work but also when we have executed search warrants.

Our Police Cadets are a great bunch of young people who are learning about policing as well as undertaking initiatives in the community. On the 1st July Leicestershire Police held a memorial service to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first day of the battle of the Somme. Emily Monk, who is a cadet from North West Leicestershire, along with several cadets from around Leicestershire attended the service. Emily volunteered to give one of the readings at a ceremony that proved to be very moving.

somme 100 collage

If you would like to know more about volunteering, please visit this link VOLUNTEERING

For what remains of it I hope you have a safe and happy summer,

Helena Bhakta

North West Leicestershire Police

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We also have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NorthWestLeicsPolice/



Loughborough LPU Commander – Update January 2014

Welcome to my first update for 2014, and I hope that you have had a peaceful and happy New Year. For me the calories I consumed over the festive period will take a little longer to work-off!

As we ended last year we had a great success with the arrest of Daniel Perry. He had been wanted for several months by the police in relation to a number of offences including burglary.

Just prior to Christmas we issued an appeal as to his whereabouts together with a reward of £1000. On the 27th December Perry was located in Loughborough and arrested.

Daniel Perry

Daniel Perry

He was subsequently charged with five offences including burglary, theft of a vehicle and driving offences. He later appeared at court where he admitted the offences and has been remanded into custody pending sentence at Leicester Crown Court.

I am delighted that Perry is in custody and would like to thank our own Loughborough officers; officers from Operation Tiger, and the public who all combined to ensure the arrest of Perry.  

During this month we say goodbye to two members of our Safer Neighbourhood Teams who have made valuable contributions to policing in Loughborough.

Firstly, PC 4661 Michelle Preston formerly one of our Beacon Officers for the Loughborough Central Safer Neighbourhood Team has been successful in securing a place within our Criminal Investigation Department (CID), where she started work at the beginning of the year.

PC now DC Michelle Preston

PC now DC Michelle Preston

 Our loss is CID’s gain, and Michelle will be a hard act to follow. I would like to publicly thank Michelle for her hard work and wish her all the best for the future. PC 1845 Mike Green will be moving across and taking over Michelle’s responsibilities.

 The second person leaving us is PCSO 6501 Dave Falle, also from the Loughborough Central Safer Neighbourhood Team. Dave will be retiring in February after working 28 years for Leicestershire Police, firstly as a Traffic Warden and latterly as a Police Community Support Officer. All of Dave’s service has been at Loughborough.

PCSO Dave Falle

PCSO Dave Falle

 I know that Dave is a familiar face to many in and around Loughborough and he will be sorely missed. Again, I would like to thank Dave for not only his work as a PCSO at Loughborough but for 28 years of dedicated public service. As a personal message to Dave I would say;

“I hope your retirement is a long and happy one.”

 Work on the new Loughborough Police Station continues at a tremendous pace as you can see from this picture. We could be moving in sooner than we thought!

New Loughborough Police Station - in progress

New Loughborough Police Station – in progress

On a final note, we are still suffering a worrying number of burglaries and vehicle crimes where life for the criminal has been made a whole lot easier as people are still leaving their vehicles and homes insecure.

To quote a crime prevention message from many years ago;

 “Lock it or lose it!”

 For more information about how you can help prevent yourself becoming a victim of crime please visit this link;


If you want to receive regular policing updates and information about the Loughborough area please sign up to our community messaging system, Neighbourhood Link.


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NW Leics LPU – Update January 2014

For my first blog of the year I thought I would reflect on a couple of things, firstly what we have been doing to  police  the night time economy in North West Leicestershire, and secondly to highlight the work of some people who have made a significant contribution to what we do here.

Policing the night time economy.

Across North West Leicester, and in particular Coalville, Ashby, Whitwick, and Measham, our work to tackle alcohol related crime and disorder is a fundamental part of policing the night time economy. The focus for much of this work relates to Friday and Saturday nights and to a lesser extent Thursday evenings and the other days of the week.

In December 2013 leading up to the Christmas period we launched our SAFE campaign. We placed our Rural beat van in AshbyTown centre to act as a SAFE point. Police officers together with street pastors were available at the vehicle to take reports of crime and provide support to people who had become distressed.

Nw Leics LPU SAFE bus

Nw Leics LPU SAFE bus

In addition to the vehicle, police officers and staff from North West Leicestershire District Council carried out a series of licensing checks across the area. It is pleasing to note that most of the premises visited were compliant with licensing requirements. Where we have identified issues we are working with the licensees to remedy matters.

During December we have also been strongly supported by the Special Constabulary.

We have been running Operation Headley which has been staffed by Special Constables and not only assisted our work in relation to the night time economy, but also in tackling anti-social behaviour.

I am both fortunate and grateful to have a superb group of Special Constables who give so much of their free time to assist our response and neighbourhood teams across the LPU.

If you are interested in becoming a Special Constable, please visit this link for more information.

Leicestershire Police – Volunteer of the year 2013

As I have mentioned last month we have an active group of volunteers at NW Leics. At the forefront of this is Bob Bancroft. Bob was nominated for the Leicestershire police volunteer of the year award, and although he did not win the main award, he was ‘Highly Commended’.

Police Volunteer - Bob Bancroft

Police Volunteer – Bob Bancroft

Bob was a Special Constable for 14 years before returning his uniform and becoming a police volunteer. Volunteering must be in his blood! During 2013 our group of volunteers had slowly dwindled until Bob was in effect the only active volunteer. However with Bob’s hard work that number has grown, and you can see from my previous blog that we now have an outstanding and hardworking group of volunteers.

Bob himself gave over 2100 hours of time in 2013. Between June and December he assisted us at 18 events, which is an outstanding commitment.

I am delighted that Bob has been highly commended and would like to publicly thank him for all that he does to help us deliver a first rate policing service to North West Leicestershire.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) of the Year 2013.

If it were needed, further evidence of the quality of the people who work at NW LPU is demonstrated by PCSO Rob Inman who was nominated for the Leicestershire Police PCSO of the year award and was ‘Highly Commended’.

PCSO Rob Inman

PCSO Rob Inman

 Rob joined Leicestershire Police as a PCSO in October 2012 and on completion of his training joined the Bardon Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team. Rob has worked hard to get to know the communities on his neighbourhood in particular in Greenhill and Agar Nook.

During last summer Rob organised a football tournament for young people from Greenhill and Agar Nook and it was a tremendous success. The winners played a team from North West Leics Police, and although it resulted in a few sore shins, the result was Greenhill 2 – Police 2.

Outside of his work with young people, Rob has also done a tremendous amount of work tackling anti-social behaviour. I have received a number of letters from members of the public and partner agencies thanking Rob for his hard work and enthusiasm.

Rob’s award is in recognition of his hard work and commitment to providing a first class service.

At North West Leicestershire LPU we hold regular webchats. These are an opportunity to go online and ask questions of our local officers. Our next webchat takes place on Thursday 30th January 2014 from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Please visit this link for more information and also to view previous webchats. Webchats

We are also active on social media, please visit this link for more information; Social Media

I look forward to speaking more with you next month,

Helena Bhakta

North West Leicestershire Local Policing Unit Commander

Loughborough LPU Commander – December Update

I took over as Local Policing Unit Commander for Loughborough LPU in October 2013, and I am enjoying the challenge of working at a busy station with a great team. I have spent the past couple of months finding out about the great variety of work we are doing here.

Since the beginning of the financial year in April we have seen a small reduction in burglary across the Loughborough area of 5.2% which means there have been twelve fewer victims of burglary. I am delighted with this as it represents a lot of hard work targeting the people who are doing us harm, as well as getting our patrols in the right place and working on a consistent crime prevention message.

Together with my team we will be working hard to drive down all crime, and burglary in particular.

With the darker nights upon us, it would be timely to remind everybody to always lock your doors and if you are going to be out when it is dark, to leave some lights on. We have available for purchase at Loughborough police station a variety of crime prevention products including light timers and window shock alarms.

Vehicle crime is always a concern, and I never fail to be surprised by the number of people who still make the life of the criminal a lot easier than it should be. Across Loughborough we have had a number of cars stolen where the doors have not been locked.

If you are leaving your vehicle, even if only for a short time, always lock it. If you have any valuables, remove them or put them out of sight. If you leave it on show expect it to go.

This is also linked to the seasonal weather, and we regularly receive reports of vehicles that are stolen when they have been left with the engine running and unattended whilst the owner is indoors waiting for the windscreen to defrost.

frosty picture nw blog

Quite simply, do not leave your car unattended with the engine running.

You can pop into Loughborough police station and collect one of our free ice-scrapers.

We are also undergoing some changes with our Safer Neighbourhood Teams, and in the New Year PC Suzie Jackson who is the Beacon Officer for the University, will be going into CID for an attachment. Suzie has become a well known face around the University and has forged some great links with both the University and the Students Union.

PC 4616 Suzie Jackson

PC 4616 Suzie Jackson

Suzie will be back in 2014, and in her absence;

PC Phil Ariss will be taking over the role, please make him welcome as you see him out and about around the University.

PC 2874 Phil Ariss

PC 2874 Phil Ariss

On a final note on behalf of all of the police officers and staff, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

Inspector Nathan Kirk

Loughborough LPU Commander

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NW Leics LPU Commander – December update

I have now been here as the Local Policing Unit commander for North West Leicestershire for seven months, and I am thoroughly enjoying my time here.

I am fortunate to be part of a superb team, and day in, day out I continue to be impressed by the hard work, drive and ambition of all of the staff and volunteers at this LPU.

On Wednesday 4th December I hosted an evening to thank the many volunteers and Special Constables who in addition to their day to day work, do so much to assist our work in local communities. During 2013 our volunteers have helped us at 26 different events, including, Download festival at Castle Donington, Snibston Miners Gala, and the Ashby Remembrance Parade. In total they have given us 450 hours of their time which is a staggering amount and to both them and our Special Constable colleagues I would like to publicly thank them for all that they do, for us the police and you the community. I will be talking more about the work of the Specials in my next blog.

Volunteers Frankie Micheleto and Bob Bancroft with Pc Craig Turner at the Stephensons College SAFE event

Volunteers Frankie Micheleto and Bob Bancroft with Pc Craig Turner at the Stephensons College SAFE event

Retail crime in particular shoplifting continues to be a priority for us, and in October and in the run up to Christmas we are running retail crime initiatives in Coalville and Ashby which are designed to combat this type of crime. This will include high visibility patrols, promotion of the retail radio scheme and crime prevention advice.

During October and November we took part in a number of force wide initiatives designed to tackle alcohol harm, and I was particularly delighted with the results of a test purchasing operation we carried out across the area. Nine off-licences were visited by a plain clothed officer and a young person. The young person attempted to purchase alcohol at each off-licence, and all nine refused to serve the young person.

This shows that our message about selling to under age people is getting through. However we are not complacent and we will continue to work closely with our partners and local licensed premises to tackle alcohol related crime and disorder.

Linked to this is our Keep Safe initiative which will be running throughout December. We will have the mobile beat bus available in Ashby on Friday and Saturday nights. This will act as a place of safety  for anybody who has a problem in and around AshbyTown centre. It will be staffed by our volunteers, including Special Constables, and Street Pastors and Swanswell Drug and Alcohol Advisory Service.   Look out for it, and be sure to say hello if you are passing.

As in many communities illegal drugs continue to be a concern. Acting on local intelligence and information, we executed a number of warrants under the misuse of drugs act. In Castle Donington we found a cannabis factory and seized around £50,000 worth of cannabis plants. Two local men were arrested in connection with this offence.

In Coalville we executed two further warrants and seized cannabis and cannabis growing equipment. One local person was interviewed in connection with the offence of possessing cannabis. Have a look at this video we made during the course of executing the two warrants

Cannabis plants seized from a premises in Castle Donington

Cannabis plants seized from a premises in Castle Donington

Over recent months we have worked hard to tackle crime, in particular the theft of motor vehicles and theft from motor vehicles. Since the beginning of the financial year in April we have had a 24% reduction in vehicle crime, which represents 101 fewer victims. However we still receive reports of vehicle crime where it has been made a lot easier for the criminal. As a reminder, when you leave your vehicle always remove all valuables, and lock the vehicle. If you leave it on show expect it to go.

If you are defrosting your vehicle, please do not leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running. By taking these simple measures you greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime.

frosty picture nw blog

On a final note, on behalf of everybody at North West  I would like to wish you a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Inspector Helena Bhakta

NW Leics LPU Commander

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2013 – unlucky for some?

For our burglars I hope so! Although we enter the new year with crime at a 22 year low we certainly won’t be easing the pressure on those who cause the most harm, in fact, our focus has never been tighter. We are working more closely then ever with our partners to address the offending behaviour of the few and to make it as difficult as possible for those that continue to commit crime.

Much of that work goes on behind the scenes but some things that will be very much visible are the next lot of alley gates that we and the City Council will be installing around the Tudor Road area. A proven way of reducing burglary, theft and damage as long as they are kept shut and locked so please, if you see yours or a neighbour’s open – close it.

I know I am repeating some other messages but if you have had some nice new tech for Christmas then take 5 mins to go to Immobilise.com and register your stuff. Also take advantage of Apps like Find my iPhone or similar on your Samsung, android or Windows phone. Imagine the look on the criminals face as we turn up with our own tech tracking your stuff and seeing justice done – we’ve done it a few times and would like to do it more but it surprises me how many people don’t use it!

We are welcoming a few new faces to our Beats alongside some ‘old favourites’ so please look out for your Safer Neighbourhood Team members and say hello. For more information on who they are have a look here. You’ll also find a link there to our consultation surveys which is one way you can tell us what it is that you would like the police and our partners to help you or your community with. You might find we suggest you ‘GoMad’ – have a look to see what we mean!

For those of us on the right side of the law, I hope 2013 is a happy and prosperous new year and here’s to #tigersfamily getting some good results over the next couple of weeks. Tigers vs Toulouse is as good a european cup final as you could wish to see!

Inspector Andy Parkes