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Chief’s Week – w/c 10 August 2015

It is always good to get away from it all completely for a couple of weeks, I hope that, like me, you have managed to get some time with your family and friends over the summer period. I can recommend the Massif Central, the volcanic heart of France, and the West Coast, where I continued my struggle with the waves; they always seem to win! I also found myself climbing a fantastic extinct volcano by the Puy de Dome, and doing a 1.6 kilometre long zip wire that went off the top of the mountain at Super Besse, before heading across a lake at over 100 kmh! It made Exec Group seem a doddle!

Pegasus Bridge Zip Line in France

I was very touched to visit Pegasus Bridge, scene of an audacious airborne assault the night before D Day on 5th June 1944, which was incredibly evocative and made me reflect on the sacrifice made by previous generations that allow us to police a democracy. It was also striking just how young the men that fought were, while their battle hardened ‘veteran’ Commander, who had previously fought across France in WWI, was the same age as me! He took a tin of marmalade with him on the raid; it had been presented to him by his team so that he could breakfast properly as D Day dawned!

Operation Milestone

While I was away I was delighted to get calls about the result of the Hinckley ‘Operation Milestone’ murder trial. This has been a long and challenging investigation that rightly drew the highest of praise from the trial Judge. I have visited the family during the long months where there was much that we knew that we couldn’t share with them.

While the result will not bring back Hayley, the brilliance, determination and resilience of the investigative will at least allow them to know what actually happened that night.

I attended one of the first briefings after the murder took place; to see the evidence brought together over the intervening months and years has shown a team doing their duty to local people.

I am very proud of everyone who has contributed to an investigation that has been tested to the full, but not been found wanting.

Lord Janner

While I was away the court case involving Lord Janner began. The team have followed the evidence without fear or favour. It is now for a Court to decide what justice is in this case after the appearance in court of the defendant on Friday.

Week ahead 

A busy week looms, with the challenge of catching up on operational incidents and correspondence of all sorts. I also have meetings on collaboration, developing 101 nationally, and a variety of radio interviews on all sorts of topics.

The worrying thing is that, while I was away, I missed all that sort of thing!

Charnwood Police update – August 2015

This is a brief update on my recent experiences as the Inspector for the Charnwood Neighbourhood Policing Area.

In June I was invited to attend SARG (Storer and Ashby Road Residents Association) at their premises at Roseberry St Peters Community Centre to share and discus issues raised by the local community.

Speeding has been raised as a problem in the area and regular speed checks are being undertaken by the beat PCSOs, Jo Pitfield and Shaheen Abdulla who have fed back the results to the local team and will also update SARG.

I would like to thank Shepshed Town Council for inviting me to their meeting in July. We discussed their concerns and my aim to continue to deliver local policing to the town. I welcome invitations from other town and parish councils and will attend where my duties allow.

It’s been a busy six months since changes were made to the way that Leicestershire Police deliver local policing, and I believe that my dedicated neighbourhood team are delivering a service to Charnwood like never before. They are out in your communities where I want and need them to be, finding out more about local issues.

Freshers’ week
My team and I are currently planning for events during the summer and also planning for Freshers’ week and the new university term. We are trying to ensure that police resources are in the right place to address community concerns and support new students as we welcome them to Loughborough.

Women in Policing
I am currently developing events to celebrate 100 years of women in policing. I am working with Leicestershire Police, Police Federation of England & Wales (PFEW) and the British Association of Women in Policing (BAWP) to celebrate the achievement and advancements of women since 1915. We are planning to show how the uniform has changed over the years and show the different roles women have undertaken over the course of the past 100 years.

Through the work I do around equality and diversity I am constantly learning about other cultures and gender issues, which leads to the development of the skills of my team.  Increasing our knowledge helps to solve problems in the community which was highlighted in July when I visited City Heights which is covered by the Loughborough East Safer Neighbourhood team. I was there to consult with a group of young women living at the flat complex. They described the problems that they encounter on a regular basis and the challenges they encounter and gave me an insight into their lives.

Crime Prevention We plan many crime prevention initiatives and one I would like to mention in this blog is mobile phone safety. We carry around expensive technology which has become vital to our daily lives and contains pictures and contacts that can’t be replaced but is often left without security marking or just left on a table. To help the police, register your valuables on the UK national property register, ensure that you have added the ‘find my phone’ app to Apple products so that they can easily be located, record the IMEI number and finally be sure you know where your phone is. We can’t avoid all crime but by taking small steps we have a chance of returning stolen items to their rightful owners.

Finally…………………. Insp Rik Basra is a Leicestershire Police who beat Leukaemia thanks to eventually finding a stem cell match through the Anthony Nolan Trust.  Rik has gone on to do great things trying to grow the donor register and help others to find a donor in their time of need. Leicester/Leicestershire is now second only to London in terms of registered donors!

During September we will be supporting the Rik Basra ‘Pass it On’ campaign which is a series of 31 registration events across Leicestershire. If you are aged 16 to 30 and are interested in registering as a potential donor, please visit this link for more information.

Oh and one last thing…….. On a personal note I was delighted to attend my son’s graduation from Liverpool University last week where he gained a first class honours degree in physics.

That is all for this month, if you see me out and about please say hello,


Inspector Tracey Willetts, Charnwood Neighbourhood Policing Area

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