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Update from Inspector Lou Cordiner Eastern Counties Neighbourhood Police Commander – May 2015

Welcome to my May’s blog update for the Eastern Counties Neighbourhood Police Area.

This is a “light touch” catch up with what we have been doing to make our communities safer. The last couple of months have been very busy for all of us on the Eastern Counties.

Ask Me Anything’ Public Meeting

Q and A 1

Inspector Cordiner chairing the ‘Ask Me Anything’ event

April saw the first of my ‘Ask Me Anything’ public meetings, which was held at Waltham Village Hall on Wednesday April 8. These meetings are chance for members of the community to ask me any question and raise any issue directly with me.

PCSO Oli Webb demonstrating the speed monitoring equipment

The meeting was well attended, with many issues raised. The main concerns for residents were speeding in villages, breaching of HGV weight restrictions and generally traffic related matters. We have already started working on all of the issues raised and are making real progress. I will update you in my next blog. We are already planning our next meeting for the Melton Rural South beat which will be held at Somerby Memorial Hall on Tuesday 26th May at 6.30pm. I plan to complete similar events on all of the beats on the Eastern Counties over the coming months.

Off Road Bikes

After receiving a number of complaints from members of the public regarding the use of ‘off road’ bikes, officers from Harborough Station have recently been out with Northamptonshire’s ‘off road’ bike crew to areas in Harborough that have been experiencing the problem. Officers visited Brampton Valley Way, Canal Town Path near Green acres caravan site, Robert Smyth School/Burnmill Road, Great Glen, Covert Lane in Scraptoft and Harborough Town Centre.

Using ‘off road’ bikes makes it much easier to reach the locations effected by this problem, so that we can speak to the offenders and young people in the area, to educate them on this type of vehicles off road capabilities and how to use them legally. We hope to repeat this initiative again in the future.

 Our Neighbourhood Priority Team

The Neighbourhood Priority team have made a number of significant arrests over the last couple of months for drugs, burglary, harassment and fraud, and shop theft. The team are committed to catching the offenders in our communities that cause the most harm and will continue to do so over the coming months. Sgt Thorley is doing an excellent job with his team focusing on the issues that our communities report to us.

Fatal 4 Operations

We have been completing a number of Fatal 4 Operations across the Neighbourhood Policing Area. Fatal 4 Operations consist of us stopping drivers who are spotted committing one of the four most common offences that result in death. The Fatal Four are driving whilst on a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt, speeding and drink driving.

We held the first of these operations in Melton on March 10, in partnership with HM Customs and Excise. During the operation Traffic Offence reports were issues as follows; eighteen for driving without a seatbelt; one for defects on the vehicle ; one for unfit load; one for no MOT; and one for use of a mobile phone whilst driving. Vehicles were also stopped for using red diesel; having no insurance; and possession of drugs. In total we stopped 67 vehicles during the operation.

On April 27, we held a Fatal 4 Operation on Burton Street in Melton Mowbray. During the operation 22 drivers were stopped for not wearing a seat belt; five for driving whilst on a mobile phone; and two others for miscellaneous offences.

We also conducted another operation in Oakham on the 4 May, where x7 traffic offences were prosecuted using a mobile phone; four for driving without a seat belt; and one for not having valid tax. A Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme notice was issued for a cracked windscreen.

Further events are planned over the coming months.

Tackling drug use in schools

In May, officers from our local Neighbourhood Priority Team assisted Rutland based officer PC Joe Lloyd with a drugs and contraband search at a school in Oakham, on request of the school themselves. The school were delighted with the turnout of officers, and it’s hoped that this sends a clear message that drug use will not be tolerated.

Community Volunteers on Horseback Scheme

The police community volunteers on horseback scheme continues to go from strength to strength. The volunteers have put in a huge amount of time in patrolling the lanes and villages of Rutland. Between October 2014 and March 2015, my volunteers completed 8200 hours of patrol and I would publically like to thank each of them for their continued commitment to this innovative scheme which through their high visibility patrol has helped to prevent crime, reduce speeding in rural locations and has increased community confidence.

Neighbourhood Watch

We also have an excellent number of Neighbourhood Watch schemes across the Eastern Counties which provides vital feedback and communication with local communities. Officers across the area have recently completed their annual catch up with every Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator. Can I take a moment to thank all the co-ordinators across the area for all they have done over the last year.

That is it for now… and I shall speak to you all again in July 2015.

Insp Lou Cordiner

Inspector Lou Cordiner

NPA Commander for the Eastern Counties


Update from Inspector Lou Cordiner Eastern Counties Neighbourhood Police Commander

Welcome to February’s blog update for the Eastern Counties Neighborhood Police Area.

Insp Lou Cordiner

As I am sure many of you are aware on the 9 February the new force structure was launched. This sees Market Harborough, Melton Mowbray and Rutland LPUs merging to become the Eastern Counties Neighborhood Policing Area.

There are still police stations in all of these locations from where your dedicated Neighborhood officers work from.

Crime investigations are now dealt with by another specialist department which has freed up the time of our dedicated neighborhood officers to focus on community engagement, patrol and anti-social behaviour. These are exciting changes for the force which we are already seeing the benefits from.


Campaign launched to discourage agricultural thefts

We have recently launched a new scheme within the Eastern Counties Neighbourhood Policing Area, with the aim of reducing thefts of agricultural trailers.

Plant sticker picture

Large reflective signs which display the message ‘Please stop if seen driven between 10.00pm – 5.00am’ are available to all owners of agricultural trailers. They are being distributed to members of ‘Farm Watch’ and the local farming communities.

The reflective signs aim to highlight vehicles to the police to help them recognise vehicles that should not normally be moved between the hours of 10.00pm and 5.00am. By stopping the vehicle and speaking with the driver, it can be identified as to whether or not the vehicle has been stolen.

It is hoped that this scheme will reduce the number of vehicles thefts from rural locations.

Farmwatch launched in Market Harborough

Farm Watch

After the successful launch of Farm Watch in the borough of Melton Mowbray and Rutland, we have now launched the scheme in the district of Market Harborough.

The Farm Watch initiative has been set up to provide a line of communication between local farmers, contractors, landowners and the police, in order to gather information that may be useful in catching criminals.

The scheme uses a Fast Text system where the police are able to share information with registered users with a single text message. For example, if a suspicious vehicle is reported to the police the details can be sent out by text to members, and if the vehicle is then seen its location can be reported by ringing 101 and reporting it to the police.

The scheme is free to join; all you need is a mobile phone capable of receiving text messages.

If you are interested in becoming part of the scheme please call 101 and follow the instructions to leave a message for a police officer. When promoted key in the relevant officers identification number:

  • For Market Harborough – PC Lucy Cross 6671
  • For Melton Mowbray – PC Sharon Roscoe 4364
  • For Rutland – PC Steven Houghton 6127

Officers are on the buses!

Officers in Rutland and Market Harborough are “all aboard” their village Library Bus services within their local communities.

The scheme involves officers and PCSO’s jumping on board the local village library bus with the aim of being more accessible to local residents in the area.

Please come along and see us if you have a library bus that visits your village.

Fatal 4 Operations

Over the coming months there are a number of ‘Fatal 4’ operations planned for the Eastern Counties. These events are aimed at educating drivers caught committing the four main offenses that cause accidents. The offenses include speeding; driving whilst on a mobile phone; not wearing a seat belt; and drink driving.

I will let you know the results of the operations once they have taken place.

Spring is almost sprung!

I also wanted to take an opportunity to remind you all that any moment now we will all be opening the sheds after a long winter. If you are anything like me, the next stop will be off to the garden centre to buy new essential gardening tools. Please can I ask that you check the security of your sheds and check that the lock is fit for purpose? We spend £100s on good garden equipment, but then spend as little as possible keeping it safe.

Similarly as the weather turns better, we may choose to go out walking in our local beauty spots. Please do consider using the formal car parks as they afford you a higher level of safety for your cars and belongings than choosing the grass verges.

I will speak to you all in my next update, in the meantime – roll on the kinder weather
Inspector Lou Cordiner

Eastern Counties NPA Commander

Market Harborough Crime Figures for 2012/13

Recorded crime is down for the period 2012/2013, reflecting crime coming down across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Trends for overall crime show crime has been decreasing for a five-year period across the Force area.

Market Harborough Police is pleased to have been able to work with local people and partners to protect our communities, in turn resulting in fewer victims of crime.

2012/2013 End of Year Crime Statistics

All recorded crime reduced by 13.0%

  • Assault with less serious Injury reduced by 22.1%
  • Criminal Damage reduced by 18.4%
  • Domestic Burglary reduced by 5.6%
  • Serious Sexual offences reduced by 27.0%
  • Serious Violent offences reduced by 36.4%
  • Theft or unauthorised taking of a vehicle reduced by 40.6%

Anyone with information about crime and anti-social behaviour in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland can call Leicestershire Police by dialling 101* or can call Crimestoppers, which is free and anonymous, on 0800 555 111.

Please note some mobile phone service providers may charge for this call ** Please note there is a 15p flat fee for dialling 101 from landlines or mobile phones.


Inspector Paul Mckinder