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Beaumont Leys Local Policing Unit August 2014 Blog

Hi everyone,

I want to start off this month’s blog with a really good bit of news. At the end of August we executed two warrants in the Beaumanor area of the Abbey beat and discovered between £14,000 & £33,000 worth of class “A” drugs believed to be Cocaine.Some had already been cut up ready for distribution whilst the remainder was still in its pure form. Four people were arrested on the night and are currently on police bail, I expect charges to follow. We will continue and maintain our purge against local drug dealers.We have arrested a total of 33 people since March who have been connected or concerned in the possession,supply or production of controlled substances on the LPU. We have a number of operations planned for the coming months to target people who have slip the net thus far. Be warned if you’re dealing drugs on the Abbey, Beaumont and New Parks wards we will arrest you and you can expect a custodial sentences. This is slowly but surely having an effect on serious acquisitive crime, we have reduced burglary of people homes significantly since this operation started and crime overall is beginning to fall along with the amount of anti-social behaviour being reported. Good news all around.

I was also pleased that Rajbir Sangha pleaded guilty this month to conning elderly victims out of thousands of pounds. This was a particularly heinous crime because of the ages of the victims involved who could ill afford to spend vast sums of money on products they did not need. She was selling disability products at grossly inflated prices to these vulnerable victims and pocketing the difference. She has made thousands of pounds out of this scam and we will be going after he assets to try and recompense the people she conned. She had been convicted of a similar offence in 2012. Rajbir Sangha was jailed for two years, six months at Leicester Crown Court. The judge said, “this was calculated dishonesty” and I agree with his comments. I must congratulate the Safer Neighbourhood team at Beaumont Leys for the sterling work they did in this case. I highlight the work of the investigating officer P.C.Finney for special praise,he worked relentlessly on this investigation despite some real problems due to the ages of the victims involved.

Recently we arrested seven people at the end of August who were involved in a neighbour dispute which got badly out of hand. The persons involved used sticks and coshes to make their point which can never be justified. We had no option but to arrest all seven, which was a challenge but we managed it. All seven are on police bail for Affray.

Another satisfying outcome relates to a local man who pleaded guilty this month at Leicester Crown Court to three courier frauds and five other unconnected frauds. His modus operandi was to ring up people purporting to be from the police and state that their credit cards had been compromised. He would then question the victim over the telephone and obtain their personal details including PIN numbers. He would then arrange a taxi to visit the victims address and pick up the victims cards. He would then go on a spending spree. He is due to be sentenced on 5th September 2014 and we expect a custodial sentence.

To conclude, despite the government’s austerity measures we continue to tackle those individuals who cause us most harm. We currently detect 30% of all crimes that are reported to us because we put crime detection and victim satisfaction at the top of our list. We don`t get it right all of the time but where we fall short i ensure that we learn from our mistakes because after all we are only human.My expectation is that if you report a crime then you should expect us to try our hardest to trace and prosecute the person responsible.

Finally, if you have any intelligence about people who have committed any type of criminal offence then let us know. It only via your information that we are able to concentrate on those individuals who cause you and us most harm. I can reassure you that we do act on every bit of intelligence we receive.

As always thanks for reading

Inspector Kev Morris


Beaumont Leys LPU Commanders July 2014 Blog

                                 Beaumont Leys July 2014 Blog

It’s been a busy month for Beaumont Leys officers. The main topic of conversation at the moment is the impending review of policing within Leicestershire. Due to the requirement to save money as part of the government austerity programme we are going to have a smaller neighbourhood team here at Beaumont Leys. However, the team will be more problem focused and free to do local policing work,as a consequence they will not be investigating crime, but concentrating on solving local problems like anti social behaviour and offender management. Reorganisation is generally seen as a negative trait but I firmly believe that this review is a great opportunity to do policing in a different but better way. Exciting times ahead but whatever happens when this review is implemented,we will still continue to provide the usual first class policing response that we have always provided. 

Our initiative against local drug dealers continues and some of those individuals who were arrested a few months ago are starting to return to answer their bail. All are going to be charged with offences linked to dealing controlled substances. Keep updated by following me on twitter, @beaumontleyslpu if your not a social media buff, there will be regular updates in the local press. 

On the drug dealing theme a local dealer called Sean Downs pleaded guilty at court to supplying class “A” drugs, and received a three year sentence. He thought that he was untouchable because he was a medium level dealer. No one is untouchable when it comes to drug dealing and we will remorselessly hunt them down. We are now in the process of ensuring that Mr Down’s assets will be forfeited and we are currently busy collating what he possesses. We have recovered cash; vehicles and clothing which hopefully the court will agree are proceeds of crime and order there forfeiture.

Our initiative hasn’t finished yet because there is still plenty of work to be done to target those people who continue to deal/use drugs within our community. We still have a number of warrants which we intend to execute over the coming weeks, watch this space. I must thank the local community who have supplied us with all the intelligence to enable us to concentrate on particular individuals. My message is, “we are coming for you!” 

On a lighter note we did another crime prevention day in conjunction with Beaumont Leys shopping centre and Leicester City Council. We fitted anti tamper number plate screws free of charge to shoppers who visited the centre. It was another busy day with plenty of vehicles visiting our stand. Hopefully this initiative will lessen the chances of those people becoming a victim of car crime.If you want any free anti tamper number plate screws then please visit us at the station and we will supply you with the relevant screws applicable to your make of vehicle.Sadly we are unable to fit them.

We also supplied staff to assist with the charitable walk for Syria which took place in Abbey Park at the beginning of the month. It was a fun day with plenty of people joining in the walk and I believe a substantial amount of money was raised for this charity. 

We are also holding a community fun day on Sunday 3rd August 2014 on Beaumont Park. The main event will be a charity football tournament consisting of numerous teams from the local community. They will be competing for the Beaumont Community Challenge trophy. There will be a car boot sale, bouncy castles, live music and dancing as well as a fun fair. Food will be available all day including alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Our local beat team will be there to offer advice and discuss any problems or issues you may have. If you’re in the area please come along it starts at 11am, see you there. 

During the hot weather please be aware of your surroundings, if you wear expensive jewellery then ensure that it is covered as much as possible because people are snatching items by cycling passed and grabbing chains. It’s all over in a matter of seconds,so take care. Windows and doors are another vulnerable spot because people leave them open to aid ventilation. The opportunist thief will be in and out in seconds before you realise and usually steal portable items such as cash, phones and jewellery which are easy to transport. All I would say is take care in this weather and keep your wits about you.  

As always stay safe and report anything suspicious either in person or via the telephone. We would rather be contacted and it turns out to be nothing than not be contacted and it turns out to be something. There are various ways that you can get in touch with us either visit the station, ring 101 or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Beaumont Leys blog for June

Hi everyone and welcome to the Beaumont Leys blog for June. It has been another busy month for me and my staff. Our proactive operation to target local drug dealing continues to yield results. We have so far arrested over thirty people and seized substantial amounts of Cannabis, Heroin and Cocaine. We have number of people awaiting trial and I’m sure substantial sentences will follow. If you do deal drugs we will seize all assets including your designer gear such as watches, clothing, cash, cars and houses. We are not going to let up on this initiative and more warrants will be executed next month. This is excellent news for our local communities because it reduces the numbers of ASB incidents linked to drug misuse and it also means that crime is beginning to show a downward path.

It was pleasing to see that the courts jailed a local man, David Atkinson for 16 months after he brandished a machete at a local nursery school in Beaumont Leys. That was a really fool hardy thing to do and the consequences could have been a whole lot worse. Well done to my team who responded quickly and detained Mr Atkinson and offered the correct amount of reassurance to the children and patents involved.

We deal with a myriad of incidents on a daily basis trying to keep people safe on the three beats we cover. As well as trying to tackle drug misuse we have dealt with numerous offences including individuals who have set fire to their flat, people stealing from shops, persons breaking into cars and people assaulting one another. Unfortunately the hot weather does not help because people drink a little more than usual and tend to become involved in petty arguments which subsequently result in assaults. 

The hot weather also means an increase in off road motorcycles using open/common land. We currently have a planned operation to specifically target this issue. Please be aware that we will seize your motorcycle if you’re caught riding on open land. You will not get it back either because we will apply to the courts to get them crushed.

We recently assisted our colleagues from T.V. Licensing to enforce a number of warrants across the LPU against people who they had identified as using a television without a licence. Until the government decide otherwise we will always assist our partner agencies to target those individuals who believe that they can get away with it because they believe that the law doesn’t apply to them.

We also recently arrested a juvenile male who had been going door to door pretending to be collecting for a national charity. Once the door had been opened he would take the opportunity to steal money from within addresses. On interview he admitted three offences of burglary and is currently on bail pending a disposal decision. Please be aware of unknown persons purporting to be from local or national charities asking for monies. All bone fide charity collectors will have identification and will not mind you asking to see it. If you are still unsure you can always contact the charity direct.

In August we are running a football tournament for the local people to try and raise funds for a local community football team and the remainder will be going to a local charity. Stay turned for further information next month. 

If you have any information about criminality in my area you can contact us in a number of ways. You can either contact us by telephone on 101, email us via our force website, write to us or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 

If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening on my local policing unit you can follow me on twitter @beaumontleyslpu 

As always thanks for reading.

Inspector K.S.Morris

Beaumont Leys

Local Policing Commander


Beaumont Leys local policing unit May 2014 Blog

Welcome to May’s blog for Beaumont Leys local policing unit (LPU) where I shall summarise last month’s activities by my officers. Crime continues to rise across the LPU, we are currently 73 crimes up, on this time last year. Commercial burglary is currently our Achilles heel, individuals are targeting factories, Porta cabins and schools. At the moment we are 17 crimes up in this category and the item of choice to steal seems to be copper piping. However, we have contributed to our own downfall in strange sort of way because we have executed 20 more misuse of drug warrants compared to this time last year which contribute to our overall crime increase. 

Now i`ve highlighted the drug theme I’ll just take a few sentence to speak about the goods work my staff have done to target this menace that blights our communities. During May we have executed twelve misuse of drug warrants across the LPU. My officers have recovered substantial amounts of drugs, cash and designer items such as clothing and watches. We plan to apply to the courts for forfeiture of the items and deny criminals there ill gotten gains. A recent warrant we executed on the New Parks resulted in the offender receiving a custodial sentence of 3 years and 3 months. Who says crime pays? Not if we have anything to with it. We will continue our sustained effort to target drug dealers across the LPU for the rest of the year. I’m sure that our hard work will achieve the desired result in the long term a reduction in overall crime and send a message to those to supply and deal drugs in the area. 

We have had some recent success with planned operations that we have undertaken. Recently we had a spate of diesel thefts at a local factory on the Abbey Ward. We undertook covert observations at the location and caught the offender red handed trying to siphon diesel by cutting the fuel pipes .He was ultimately charged with this offence and two others he had committed during the previous days. 

Another good arrest was the detaining of four persons who were arrested trying to steal a pedal cycle from the cycle rack at the Glenfield hospital. All four have been bailed pending further enquiries. I’m sure that charges will follow upon their return. 

Satisfaction, how we deal with your crime/ incident has shown another increase across the LPU. We currently have an overall satisfaction level of 87.9% which is great news because it means we are getting it right the majority of the time. However, we are not complacent and we will strive to increase our levels of service still further. 

Our volunteers continue to do sterling work in supporting me and my team. Over the last month they have held two crime prevention events. In early May they supported the annual emergency day at the Abbey Pumping Station with a crime prevention stand which was very busy due to the number of freebies that were on offer. We also ran a crime prevention event at the Leicester College relating to pedal cycle security and the best way to secure unattended cycles. I would ask everyone to invest in a good quality bike lock preferably a D lock. Thieves love pedal bikes because they are easy to sell on, they tend to target bikes that are poorly secured. 

Recently I attended the Curve theatre for a showing of the New Parks Youth Joint Action Group anti bullying video. I have to say that I was impressed with the quality and overall message of the video. It just highlighted to me what positive action the community can take when they see a problem that they want to tackle. I have to say that there are some budding actors in the New Parks. 

Please ensure that you secure any gardening equipment in a secure shed rather than leaving it in your garden. The summer months tend to see an increase in the theft of tools and equipment from gardens,so please lock them away. 

As always thanks for reading if you want to keep bang up to date with what’s happening at Beaumont Leys LPU please follow me on twitter. 


 Take care 

Inspector Kev Morris

Beaumont Leys April Blog

Hello everyone, 

I would like to welcome you all to my April 2014 blog for Beaumont Leys and New Parks. We are currently four weeks into our new crime year and we are still as busy as ever. My team are working hard to tackle and solve the problems that affect you most especially anti social behaviour. April saw the launch of the Anti Social Behaviour patrol vehicles which is Police and Crime Commissioner Initiative to specifically target ASB. I’m sure you will notice the difference that these vehicles will make in the coming months. 

During April we have executed numerous drug warrants right across the local policing unit. We have seized large amounts of drugs including Cannabis, Cocaine and Heroin. We have also seized significant amounts of cash which we are looking to confiscate due to it being linked to the sale and distribution of the drugs we have seized. As you can imagine we have a large number of people on bail at the moment and I’m sure that most of them will be charged upon their return. In the fullness of time we shall see if our efforts have any effect on our acquisitive crime rates. We will continue to target those individual who peddle drugs and we have more warrants planned for May. I want to thank all those members of the public who have contacted us and provided my team with information about people involved in drug dealing. I would ask that if you have any information about individuals who are dealing drugs then you contact us here at Beaumont leys police station or alternatively ring 101 or Crime stopper on 0800 555 111. Without your help we cannot tackle this problem. 

Crime in the first month of the new crime year is up by 8% hopefully this will settle down in the coming months. On the flip side we have achieved some notable arrests which include a male caught red handed stealing fuel from unattended lorries in a secure factory compound. My officers conducted covert observations on the premises prior to detaining the male. He has been charged with three offences of stealing diesel. Another success was the arrest and detention of a male who had tried to break into a factory premises,he is currently on bail. We have a detection rate of 22% for April. 

My colleagues ran a bicycle crime prevention day at the Glenfield Hospital Leicester last week. I have to say that we were overwhelmed with the response to our stand. We had over a thousand visitors who nearly clean us out of all our crime prevention stock. Our “D” locks sold like hot cakes and I would urge anyone who owns a cycle to purchase a “D” lock because it is one of the best ways to secure your bike. I would like to congratulate and say a big thank you to the team for all the hard work they put in on the day to make this event such a success.I would especially like to say thank you to Susan Marlow one of my volunteers who organised the day. 

Another problem that we are currently experiencing is shed breaks which are occurring across the area. If you have a shed or out building I would recommend that you take the following steps to reduce the chances of becoming a victim. 

  1. If possible, make sure that the shed located near to the house or is a least visible from the house.
  2. Ensure that the door, doorframe and walls are solid and replace any damaged or rotten areas with new sections.
  3. Lock your shed and use appropriate security such as padlocks, chains and lighting.
  4. Replace any broken glass with laminated glass and fit grills to the inside of the windows.
  5. Fit key operated window locks to opening windows. If you never open/use your opening windows, use screws to permanently shut the windows
  6. Use metal rings and chains fixed to the shed frame with security screws to enable you to secure electrical items, ladders and tools
  7. Fit a battery powered alarm. These can be purchased from a DIY stores and garden centres.
  8. Last but not lease, make sure your household insurance policy covers theft from your garden and outbuildings.   

We are holding another crime prevention event on Saturday 3rd May 2014 at the Abbey Pumping station Corporation Rd Leicester in partnership with our colleagues from the other emergency services. Please come along because it promises to be a fun day.

Thank you for reading, if you want to keep up to date on a daily basis about what is happening in your area please follow me on twitter @beaumontleyslpu


 Inspector Kev Morris

Beaumont Leys blog for March 2014

Can I start by congratulating the team here at Beaumont Leys for their continued support and hard work in trying to make the streets of Beaumont Leys and New Parks a safer place to live and work? Our performance continues to be of the highest standard as we continue to tackle those individuals who see committing crime as a vocation and a way to earn extra income.

During the passed 12 months we have been faced with a number of challenging incidents including serious assaults, serious domestic violence offences, and murder with the high degree of complexity that comes with each and every one of them. We have risen to this challenge tackle these issues head on. We have also tackled the less publicised offences such as theft, burglary and public order which are no less important, especially if you have been a victim. 

I would also like to congratulate a number of my staff who were recognised by the Chief Constable for their outstanding service to Leicestershire Police. They include Susan Marlow who received an award for volunteer of the year. She has been instrumental in organising planning and running a number of crime prevention events. These events have certainly promoted the crime prevention message across the local policing area.   

Overall crime is up over the passed 12 months by 7.9% which means that there have been 366 more offences/victims compared to this time last year. Vehicle crime has been and is our Achilles heel with increases in both theft of and theft form motor vehicles which have accounted for a total of 148 crimes. I still urge you all to lock your vehicles and remove any valuables from within your cars. 

We continue our drive against drugs and the targeting of those individuals on the Beaumont Leys and New Parks who think it is acceptable to produce and sell drugs to others. We will shut down as many of these drug dealing houses as we can but we cannot do it alone, we need your help by providing us with the information to act. We will seize any cash and associated items that have been purchased with drug money and apply to the courts to have those items confiscated. If you deal drugs from a council property we will work with our partners to get you evicted. We have a number of warrants which we will be executing over the coming days and months. 

There are a number of operations planned for the coming months including our contribution to Operation Tiger which commences again in a couple of weeks. We will also be conducting an ANPR initiative in the future, please watch this space. 

Our Joint Action Team meetings, working with other key partners go from strength to strength. This year we were able to support a number of key community events such as Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Cadets, Mowmacre playground half term youth activities, Ur Choice March, 13 to 17s Football Project, and ARC (Anti Racism Crew) Project. Good luck to all the events that are taking place and I hope that they are well attended. As I look forward to the future their may be an issue around funding so we may not be able to do as much as we have done in the passed, sadly this is the way of the world currently. However, we will continue to meet because I think coming together to thrash out issues and problems and coming up with workable solutions is certainly the way forward. 

I can assure you that my team and I will continue to go that extra mile to ensure that we hunt down and lock those people who continue to commit crime as a lifestyle and cause untold misery to others. 

As always thanks for reading.

Inspector Kev Morris

Beaumont Leys February Blog

Crime at Beaumont Leys local policing unit continues to climb we are currently 7.6% up on this time last year, this equates to 321 more offences. My team continue to work hard in an effort to reduce this deficit but we do need your help. I know I keep harping on about this in my pervious blogs but there are a few simple steps that you can take to avoid becoming a victim of burglary. Lock all your doors and windows when you leave your house, remove or secure any climbing aids such as ladders and do not leave any tools that may assist a burglar to gain access to your property. If you can afford it, consider fitting a burglar alarm this is an effective deterrent to a would be burglar. Lock your side gates and ensure your fencing is in a good state of repair to prevent access to the rear of your dwelling. Last but not least mark all of your valuables with a U.V. pen this will enable us to reunite you with your property should it be stolen. By taking these simple and practical steps it could prevent you becoming a victim of crime, and avoid all the inconvenience that goes with it.

During February we had a murder on Somerfield Walk on the Beaumont Leys where the body of Christopher Penman was found inside the address by police officers. During the initial days following the discovery of his body their was a lot of police activity in the local area which you would expect with such a serious crime. A 25 year old male has been charged with murder and  he has been remanded by Leicester Magistrates pending further hearings. This is an isolated occurrence and I do not envisage that there will be any wider impact on you, the local community. If you have any information about this incident you can contact us at Beaumont Leys police station in confidence or via 101. My sympathies and condolences go out to the family of Christopher during this difficult time. 

On a lighter note we arrested four people from a property on Gresley Close Beaumont Leys following execution of a Misuse of Drugs Act warrant. We seized a quantity of class A drugs, all four persons have been bailed pending analysis of the substances seized. I suspect that charges will follow when they answer their bail. This was only possible through the intelligence that you the local community provided. We do act on all intelligence we receive so I would urge you to contact us with any information you have about individuals in your local community who are involved in crime or drug dealing. 

As a result of covert observations on the Beaumont Leys we recently managed to detain a teenager riding a stolen a motorcycle from Birstall. He was seen riding the bike on the pavement and he was not wearing a helmet.He stood out like a sore thumb. He was arrested and will receive the required the sanction. 

Hopefully March will not be as busy as February but if it is,we will rise to the challenge as always.

Thanks for reading.

Take care.

Inspector Kev Morris