North West Leicestershire Police Winter/Spring update

Welcome to my first update for 2017. It would be fair to say that a lot has happened since my last update was published in November last year.

Getting muddy for Caitlin
For those who know me, running and getting muddy is not something I particularly like to do, however I volunteered to take part in a Scorpion Run to help raise funds for the daughter of PC Craig Turner from our Coalville neighbourhood team.

Craig’s daughter Caitlin, was born prematurely at 27 weeks and suffered viral meningitis which led to hydrocephalus.

She is now 11 years old and at an age where despite those challenges she wants to be more independent. To help Craig’s colleagues wanted to raise some money to help purchase a specialist trike for Caitlin.

It was with this aim in mind that I took part in a Scorpion Run. This took place on a wet and cold Saturday in December in Staffordshire.


The event was a 10k (6.2 mile) off-road run with obstacles and lots and lots of deep mud and bogs. It took me 2 ¾ hours to complete, including the swim section where they had to break the ice, it was so cold it took my breath away. The photographs you can see from the event were taken near to the start. Unfortunately the camera battery died shortly after these were taken.

Suffice to say I was exhausted, wet through and filthy by the time I finished. Would I do it again? Bizarre as it sounds the answer would be, probably, yes.


However it was all worth it when we were able to total up all of the money that we raised. Colleagues from not only Coalville, but across the force including the Police Federation donated money and we were able to buy the trike for Caitlin, and a new laptop. Here is a picture of Caitlin riding her new trike.




Update from Christmas
In the last update I mentioned our licensee workshop and the start of our Safer Christmas campaign across North West Leicestershire.

During December we carried a vehicle crime awareness campaign, highlighting the need to remove valuables from unattended cars and vans, and to make sure they are locked. We combined this with personal safety awareness for shoppers in Coalville and Ashby.

Also in December we carried out an alcohol test purchase operation. We visited eight premises in Coalville, Ashby and Measham.

Three premises sold alcohol to a person who was under age. We have issued warning notices to those involved and we will be running further test operations in the future.  My experience tells me that we need to ensure that all of our licensees operate to the highest standards, as this does have a positive effect on crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

We will continue to work closely with the Pubwatch schemes in Ashby and Coalville, and North West Leicestershire District Council.

Elite Vehicle in Ashby
One of the important elements of our Celebrate Safely campaign is the provision of an Elite Medical Vehicle in Ashby on the weekends leading up to Christmas. We have done this for a number of years and is funded by the North West Leicestershire Community Safety Partnership. In the main this has helped people who are on a night out in Ashby with first aid and assistance and has proved to reduce demand not only for the police but the ambulance service.

On New Year’s Eve there was an incident in Ashby town centre in which a young man was assaulted. A paramedic from the Elite Medical vehicle was on the scene very quickly and was able to provide excellent first aid on a night when the ambulance service are under huge pressure and may not have been able to get there as quickly.

A 34 year old man has been arrested and charged in connection with this incident, and as the matter progresses through court I will keep you updated.

Tackling concerns about speeding
I know from the meetings me and my teams attend that speeding is a concern to many communities across North West Leicestershire. At the end of January the Forest neighbourhood team which covers the Measham area, carried out four speeding operations in Measham and Moira. During the course of the operations just over 200 vehicles were checked with only two travelling at a speed where enforcement action could be taken.

Although this indicates that speeding in those areas might not be as big a problem as we first thought, we will continue to carry out periodic speed checks not only in Measham and Moira, but right across North West Leicestershire.

Kayleigh’s Love Story
I mentioned in the last blog that the film Leicestershire Police have made about Kayleigh Haywood would be available publicly at the beginning of 2017.

On the 3rd January the film was made available across a range of channels including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

In the days that followed the film went viral and very quickly had been seen over 2 million times. At the time of writing the film has had 8 million views.

Despite seeing the film a number of times, I still find it very hard-hitting, and if you have not seen it then please take a few minutes to do so.

The film is part of our CEASE campaign, the Commitment to Eradicate Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of children and young people. Since we launched this campaign in February last year over 21,000 people have signed a pledge to look out for the signs that a child or young person may be in danger of abuse and exploitation. Please visit this link to sign our online pledge.

Find out more information about CEASE.

Kayleigh was from North West Leicestershire and we will continue to do all we can to make sure our children are safe.

Coalville police on the move
On a final note, I have mentioned in previous editions of this update the move to a new police station in Coalville. We will be jointly located with the Fire Service and in March work will commence to extend the fire station in Coalville. This should take seven months, so hopefully we will be moving in around October or November.

We will still continue to have enquiry facilities located at the reception desk at North West Leicestershire District Council, in Whitwick Road, Coalville.

That is all for now, enjoy the longer days, look out for my next update in May

Helena Bhakta
Commander – North West Leicestershire Neighbourhood Policing Area

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