Chief’s Blog Monday December 29, 2014

‎Thanks to all who worked over the Christmas period. In one sense Christmas Day and Boxing Day were just typical policing days. In another they showed just how extraordinary what we deal with is: I do think that sometimes that is forgotten by some of our critics.

I spoke of our work on Christmas Eve when I was asked to do Thought for the Day by BBC Radio Leicester. ‎I then did my annual tour of FHQ. Special thanks to the Serious Collision Investigation Unit for the impromptu breakfast sandwich! They showed me their board with list of cases for 2014: at that point it included 34 fatalities, sadly 24 hours after my visit two more names were added to that list.

Christmas Day dawned and before nine o’clock colleagues were dealing with a double fatal road accident. Just before Christmas Day ended other colleagues were dealing with a sudden infant death. In between we dealt with crimes, domestic incidents and Inspector Ben Gillard and team managed to track down a wanted burglar too. Justice is a 365, 24/7 business!

On Boxing Day I joined Chief Superintendent Chris Haward at the Leicester City match. My attendance apparently had an immediate impact as the City scored a goal! Sadly that didn’t prove to be enough to win the game. Of course the sub plot for my attendance was to join Chief Superintendent Geoff Feavyour as he commanded his last ever match before retirement.

IMG_20141226_154952Geoff Feavyour retires

Geoff has had a great career. He has been a fabulous public order Commander, leading our response at Download, to public protests and at his beloved Leicester City. Many of you have commented to me that Geoff is the public order Commander that you most enjoy working with, but also respect. In typical Geoff fashion he has ensured that he has mentored and trained those who will follow him in that role. ‎Despite apparently knowing everything that goes on in Force I am afraid to report that Geoff was failed at the last by his intelligence system: C/Supt Haward and the Chief Constable, in my bright yellow fluorescent jacket, were able to get into the Control Box at LCFC and sit next to him unnoticed!

I said goodbye to a Detective Constable who has also had a great career and we talked about the many cases that he had been involved with and I was pleased to thank him for his efforts over many years.

This will be the last blog of 2014. Can I thank you for your hard work over the 12 months just gone. 2015 will see us face some real challenges, but we also have some great opportunities.

I have high hopes for 2015. I have every confidence that we will meet the challenges put before us, and keep on doing what we have done so effectively in 2014 by making local people ‎safer through our efforts

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