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I want to start off this month’s blog with a really good bit of news. At the end of August we executed two warrants in the Beaumanor area of the Abbey beat and discovered between £14,000 & £33,000 worth of class “A” drugs believed to be Cocaine.Some had already been cut up ready for distribution whilst the remainder was still in its pure form. Four people were arrested on the night and are currently on police bail, I expect charges to follow. We will continue and maintain our purge against local drug dealers.We have arrested a total of 33 people since March who have been connected or concerned in the possession,supply or production of controlled substances on the LPU. We have a number of operations planned for the coming months to target people who have slip the net thus far. Be warned if you’re dealing drugs on the Abbey, Beaumont and New Parks wards we will arrest you and you can expect a custodial sentences. This is slowly but surely having an effect on serious acquisitive crime, we have reduced burglary of people homes significantly since this operation started and crime overall is beginning to fall along with the amount of anti-social behaviour being reported. Good news all around.

I was also pleased that Rajbir Sangha pleaded guilty this month to conning elderly victims out of thousands of pounds. This was a particularly heinous crime because of the ages of the victims involved who could ill afford to spend vast sums of money on products they did not need. She was selling disability products at grossly inflated prices to these vulnerable victims and pocketing the difference. She has made thousands of pounds out of this scam and we will be going after he assets to try and recompense the people she conned. She had been convicted of a similar offence in 2012. Rajbir Sangha was jailed for two years, six months at Leicester Crown Court. The judge said, “this was calculated dishonesty” and I agree with his comments. I must congratulate the Safer Neighbourhood team at Beaumont Leys for the sterling work they did in this case. I highlight the work of the investigating officer P.C.Finney for special praise,he worked relentlessly on this investigation despite some real problems due to the ages of the victims involved.

Recently we arrested seven people at the end of August who were involved in a neighbour dispute which got badly out of hand. The persons involved used sticks and coshes to make their point which can never be justified. We had no option but to arrest all seven, which was a challenge but we managed it. All seven are on police bail for Affray.

Another satisfying outcome relates to a local man who pleaded guilty this month at Leicester Crown Court to three courier frauds and five other unconnected frauds. His modus operandi was to ring up people purporting to be from the police and state that their credit cards had been compromised. He would then question the victim over the telephone and obtain their personal details including PIN numbers. He would then arrange a taxi to visit the victims address and pick up the victims cards. He would then go on a spending spree. He is due to be sentenced on 5th September 2014 and we expect a custodial sentence.

To conclude, despite the government’s austerity measures we continue to tackle those individuals who cause us most harm. We currently detect 30% of all crimes that are reported to us because we put crime detection and victim satisfaction at the top of our list. We don`t get it right all of the time but where we fall short i ensure that we learn from our mistakes because after all we are only human.My expectation is that if you report a crime then you should expect us to try our hardest to trace and prosecute the person responsible.

Finally, if you have any intelligence about people who have committed any type of criminal offence then let us know. It only via your information that we are able to concentrate on those individuals who cause you and us most harm. I can reassure you that we do act on every bit of intelligence we receive.

As always thanks for reading

Inspector Kev Morris

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