Beaumont Leys LPU Commanders July 2014 Blog

                                 Beaumont Leys July 2014 Blog

It’s been a busy month for Beaumont Leys officers. The main topic of conversation at the moment is the impending review of policing within Leicestershire. Due to the requirement to save money as part of the government austerity programme we are going to have a smaller neighbourhood team here at Beaumont Leys. However, the team will be more problem focused and free to do local policing work,as a consequence they will not be investigating crime, but concentrating on solving local problems like anti social behaviour and offender management. Reorganisation is generally seen as a negative trait but I firmly believe that this review is a great opportunity to do policing in a different but better way. Exciting times ahead but whatever happens when this review is implemented,we will still continue to provide the usual first class policing response that we have always provided. 

Our initiative against local drug dealers continues and some of those individuals who were arrested a few months ago are starting to return to answer their bail. All are going to be charged with offences linked to dealing controlled substances. Keep updated by following me on twitter, @beaumontleyslpu if your not a social media buff, there will be regular updates in the local press. 

On the drug dealing theme a local dealer called Sean Downs pleaded guilty at court to supplying class “A” drugs, and received a three year sentence. He thought that he was untouchable because he was a medium level dealer. No one is untouchable when it comes to drug dealing and we will remorselessly hunt them down. We are now in the process of ensuring that Mr Down’s assets will be forfeited and we are currently busy collating what he possesses. We have recovered cash; vehicles and clothing which hopefully the court will agree are proceeds of crime and order there forfeiture.

Our initiative hasn’t finished yet because there is still plenty of work to be done to target those people who continue to deal/use drugs within our community. We still have a number of warrants which we intend to execute over the coming weeks, watch this space. I must thank the local community who have supplied us with all the intelligence to enable us to concentrate on particular individuals. My message is, “we are coming for you!” 

On a lighter note we did another crime prevention day in conjunction with Beaumont Leys shopping centre and Leicester City Council. We fitted anti tamper number plate screws free of charge to shoppers who visited the centre. It was another busy day with plenty of vehicles visiting our stand. Hopefully this initiative will lessen the chances of those people becoming a victim of car crime.If you want any free anti tamper number plate screws then please visit us at the station and we will supply you with the relevant screws applicable to your make of vehicle.Sadly we are unable to fit them.

We also supplied staff to assist with the charitable walk for Syria which took place in Abbey Park at the beginning of the month. It was a fun day with plenty of people joining in the walk and I believe a substantial amount of money was raised for this charity. 

We are also holding a community fun day on Sunday 3rd August 2014 on Beaumont Park. The main event will be a charity football tournament consisting of numerous teams from the local community. They will be competing for the Beaumont Community Challenge trophy. There will be a car boot sale, bouncy castles, live music and dancing as well as a fun fair. Food will be available all day including alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Our local beat team will be there to offer advice and discuss any problems or issues you may have. If you’re in the area please come along it starts at 11am, see you there. 

During the hot weather please be aware of your surroundings, if you wear expensive jewellery then ensure that it is covered as much as possible because people are snatching items by cycling passed and grabbing chains. It’s all over in a matter of seconds,so take care. Windows and doors are another vulnerable spot because people leave them open to aid ventilation. The opportunist thief will be in and out in seconds before you realise and usually steal portable items such as cash, phones and jewellery which are easy to transport. All I would say is take care in this weather and keep your wits about you.  

As always stay safe and report anything suspicious either in person or via the telephone. We would rather be contacted and it turns out to be nothing than not be contacted and it turns out to be something. There are various ways that you can get in touch with us either visit the station, ring 101 or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

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