Rutland LPU – July Update

Welcome to the latest update from Rutland.

Volunteers on horseback

Since my update in April we received national television coverage about our volunteers on horseback initiative. BBC Crimewatch Roadshow came to do some filming with us in May and the piece went out at the beginning of June.

Filming with BBC Crimewatch Roadshow

Filming with BBC Crimewatch Roadshow

The number of volunteers continues to grow and I regularly receive feedback they are being seen all around Rutland.

We recently had a group of volunteers in at Oakham where they were given training in first aid, including CPR and heartstart.

If you would like to find out more about this initiative my contact details are at the end of this update.

Old fashioned policing

Thankfully burglaries are relatively rare in Rutland, however I was pleased to see some old fashioned policing prevent a burglary in Cottesmore in early June.

PC Laurie Appleton and PC Pete Icke were on patrol in Cottesmore when they saw two men near to a house they knew had been the subject of a burglary earlier in the year. Something did not appear to be right so the officers stopped to speak to the men

PC 1742 Laurie Appleton

PC 1742 Laurie Appleton


PC 2113 Peter Icke

PC 2113 Peter Icke

One man was detained and the second one ran off, however he was also detained a short while later.

Further investigation indicated that an attempt had been made to enter a house and both men were arrested.

The men were subsequently charged with attempted burglary on the house in Cottesmore, as well as a burglary in Grantham, and one of the men was charged with a burglary in Melton. Following on from their appearance at Leicester Magistrates’ Court, the men have been remanded to prison.

I am delighted with this result and is an example of local knowledge combined with a well-honed police officer’s ‘nose’ has brought about a great result.

I will inform you of the outcome in my next update.

Church Watch

rutland church watch

I mentioned Church Watch in the last update. Since then PC Paul Le Pla and his team of PCSOs have worked hard and visited all 54 churches in Rutland. Each church has been risk assessed from a crime prevention perspective and in particular to lead theft. Only one church has been identified as being at high risk whereas nine were classed at high risk when we launched Church Watch over two years ago.

During that time we have had only one lead theft.   Crime against churches is very rare, but that does not mean we are complacent as we understand the impact that crime against churches can have in local communities.

If you would like more information about church watch you can email Paul from this link.

Sale of Oakham Police station

In recent weeks many of my conversations have been dominated by the sale of Oakham police station. If you have passed by the station recently, you will have seen the ‘for sale’ sign outside.

The police station has been put up for sale now that planning permission has been granted to build a smaller police office on the car park at the rear of the building. The building which is being sold on the open market, will not close until the new one is ready. The new building will be smaller and therefore cost less to run.

Ultimately what this means is that there will still be local police officers based in Oakham.

High Sherriff visit

Recently I had a lovely meeting with the High Sherriff of Rutland, Air Commodore Miles Williamson-Noble.

Meeting the High Sherriff of Rutland

Meeting the High Sherriff of Rutland

He was keen to hear about the future of policing in Rutland and I was able to update him about the challenges we face in policing a largely rural community. One aspect the High Sherriff wanted to hear more about was our approach to illegal ‘rave’ parties. With such a large area to cover we work hard to build our intelligence picture about possible illegal raves. When they do happen we have to strike a balance between the resources we have available as well as dealing with the situation at hand and any offences that have occurred.

If you have any information about a proposed rave then please ring us on 101, or alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers which is free and anonymous on 0800 555 111.

We are always keen to find out what your concerns are, and I would ask that you take a few moments to complete this short survey, which can be found by visiting this link. 

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Until next time

Inspector Lou Cordiner

Rutland Local Policing Unit