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Hi everyone and welcome to the Beaumont Leys blog for June. It has been another busy month for me and my staff. Our proactive operation to target local drug dealing continues to yield results. We have so far arrested over thirty people and seized substantial amounts of Cannabis, Heroin and Cocaine. We have number of people awaiting trial and I’m sure substantial sentences will follow. If you do deal drugs we will seize all assets including your designer gear such as watches, clothing, cash, cars and houses. We are not going to let up on this initiative and more warrants will be executed next month. This is excellent news for our local communities because it reduces the numbers of ASB incidents linked to drug misuse and it also means that crime is beginning to show a downward path.

It was pleasing to see that the courts jailed a local man, David Atkinson for 16 months after he brandished a machete at a local nursery school in Beaumont Leys. That was a really fool hardy thing to do and the consequences could have been a whole lot worse. Well done to my team who responded quickly and detained Mr Atkinson and offered the correct amount of reassurance to the children and patents involved.

We deal with a myriad of incidents on a daily basis trying to keep people safe on the three beats we cover. As well as trying to tackle drug misuse we have dealt with numerous offences including individuals who have set fire to their flat, people stealing from shops, persons breaking into cars and people assaulting one another. Unfortunately the hot weather does not help because people drink a little more than usual and tend to become involved in petty arguments which subsequently result in assaults. 

The hot weather also means an increase in off road motorcycles using open/common land. We currently have a planned operation to specifically target this issue. Please be aware that we will seize your motorcycle if you’re caught riding on open land. You will not get it back either because we will apply to the courts to get them crushed.

We recently assisted our colleagues from T.V. Licensing to enforce a number of warrants across the LPU against people who they had identified as using a television without a licence. Until the government decide otherwise we will always assist our partner agencies to target those individuals who believe that they can get away with it because they believe that the law doesn’t apply to them.

We also recently arrested a juvenile male who had been going door to door pretending to be collecting for a national charity. Once the door had been opened he would take the opportunity to steal money from within addresses. On interview he admitted three offences of burglary and is currently on bail pending a disposal decision. Please be aware of unknown persons purporting to be from local or national charities asking for monies. All bone fide charity collectors will have identification and will not mind you asking to see it. If you are still unsure you can always contact the charity direct.

In August we are running a football tournament for the local people to try and raise funds for a local community football team and the remainder will be going to a local charity. Stay turned for further information next month. 

If you have any information about criminality in my area you can contact us in a number of ways. You can either contact us by telephone on 101, email us via our force website, write to us or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 

If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening on my local policing unit you can follow me on twitter @beaumontleyslpu 

As always thanks for reading.

Inspector K.S.Morris

Beaumont Leys

Local Policing Commander


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