Loughborough Police June Update

Welcome to my latest update.


Our performance in terms of crime is closely monitored and is always of interest to local people. Our recording year starts in April, much like the tax year, and we examine crime trends on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We also use data from previous years which we combine to identify emerging trends and take proactive as well as reactive action, to not only drive crime down but also identify and deal with offenders.

Since the start of April we have seen a 4.2% decrease in the total amount of crime we have had reported to us when compared to 2012-13. This amounts to 40 or so less reports. Whilst it is still very early to break out the champagne, we will continue to work hard and keep the numbers going in the right direction.

We have seen an increase in thefts from gardens, sheds and allotments of 21% which is 12 more offences. A number of the offences reported to us relate to where property has been left insecure.

Fitting a good quality lock to your garage or shed and not leaving tools out will help prevent you becoming a victim of crime.

As I was reviewing the crime figures, I noticed that theft of cycles had reduced by 15% with 9 fewer victims. Together with the Crime Safety Partnership we have undertaken a great deal of work in this area, with bike hub events, bike marking, and offering for sale good quality D-locks. Perhaps you have seen the ‘yellow’ bike in Loughborough Town centre. Hopefully the reduction in thefts is a sign that the hard work is starting to pay off.

Look out for the yellow bikes in Loughborough

Look out for the yellow bikes in Loughborough


Operation Umbel

Operation Umbel is our ongoing operation designed to target and reduce anti-social behaviour in and around Loughborough Town centre. We work closely with Charnwood Borough Council and Loughborough University with a range of activities.

We recently ran a ‘mock bar’ event at Loughborough Students Union. This included a quiz on the units of alcohol in popular drinks. We linked this to a reaction machine kindly provided by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. Each participant was allowed two attempts on the reaction machine. On the second attempt they were given ‘beer goggles’ to wear which mimic the effects of alcohol consumption, in particular reduced peripheral vision and hand-eye coordination.

Without beer goggles

Without beer goggles

With beer goggles

With beer goggles

If you get the chance to try the ‘beer goggle’ experience please do so, and you will get a better understanding of why you should not drink and drive.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams

Through this period of austerity, Leicestershire Police have undergone a massive amount of change during the course of which we have seen a number of our police stations sold. Despite that we still remain committed to local policing and during my time here I will work hard to ensure that we have a local policing presence across Loughborough, Shepshed and Hathern.

With that in mind I am going to use this update to highlight our local police teams.

The Shepshed and Loughborough West team, are still based in Shepshed in the Police and Fire Station on Charnwood Road.

PC Phil Martindale

Pc 1799 Phil Martindale is the Beacon Officer for the team and is ably supported by :

Sergeant Martin Owen, Pc Nick Reeve, Pc Rich Neville, PC Tom Brenton, Pc Linda Stephens, PCSO Kelly Davis, PCSO Liesel Wilkins, PCSO Hannah Timlock.

The team cover Shepshed and the west side of Loughborough and they hold regular engagement events.

The next one is on the 21st and 22nd July between 9am and 10pm each day in Hallcroft, Shepshed. This is an opportunity to meet the team and receive crime prevention advice, and have property post coded.

Please visit this link to find out more information about the team


You can also follow the team on twitter @LBoroPolice


Enjoy the World Cup, until next time


Nathan Kirk


Loughborough Police