Beaumont Leys local policing unit May 2014 Blog

Welcome to May’s blog for Beaumont Leys local policing unit (LPU) where I shall summarise last month’s activities by my officers. Crime continues to rise across the LPU, we are currently 73 crimes up, on this time last year. Commercial burglary is currently our Achilles heel, individuals are targeting factories, Porta cabins and schools. At the moment we are 17 crimes up in this category and the item of choice to steal seems to be copper piping. However, we have contributed to our own downfall in strange sort of way because we have executed 20 more misuse of drug warrants compared to this time last year which contribute to our overall crime increase. 

Now i`ve highlighted the drug theme I’ll just take a few sentence to speak about the goods work my staff have done to target this menace that blights our communities. During May we have executed twelve misuse of drug warrants across the LPU. My officers have recovered substantial amounts of drugs, cash and designer items such as clothing and watches. We plan to apply to the courts for forfeiture of the items and deny criminals there ill gotten gains. A recent warrant we executed on the New Parks resulted in the offender receiving a custodial sentence of 3 years and 3 months. Who says crime pays? Not if we have anything to with it. We will continue our sustained effort to target drug dealers across the LPU for the rest of the year. I’m sure that our hard work will achieve the desired result in the long term a reduction in overall crime and send a message to those to supply and deal drugs in the area. 

We have had some recent success with planned operations that we have undertaken. Recently we had a spate of diesel thefts at a local factory on the Abbey Ward. We undertook covert observations at the location and caught the offender red handed trying to siphon diesel by cutting the fuel pipes .He was ultimately charged with this offence and two others he had committed during the previous days. 

Another good arrest was the detaining of four persons who were arrested trying to steal a pedal cycle from the cycle rack at the Glenfield hospital. All four have been bailed pending further enquiries. I’m sure that charges will follow upon their return. 

Satisfaction, how we deal with your crime/ incident has shown another increase across the LPU. We currently have an overall satisfaction level of 87.9% which is great news because it means we are getting it right the majority of the time. However, we are not complacent and we will strive to increase our levels of service still further. 

Our volunteers continue to do sterling work in supporting me and my team. Over the last month they have held two crime prevention events. In early May they supported the annual emergency day at the Abbey Pumping Station with a crime prevention stand which was very busy due to the number of freebies that were on offer. We also ran a crime prevention event at the Leicester College relating to pedal cycle security and the best way to secure unattended cycles. I would ask everyone to invest in a good quality bike lock preferably a D lock. Thieves love pedal bikes because they are easy to sell on, they tend to target bikes that are poorly secured. 

Recently I attended the Curve theatre for a showing of the New Parks Youth Joint Action Group anti bullying video. I have to say that I was impressed with the quality and overall message of the video. It just highlighted to me what positive action the community can take when they see a problem that they want to tackle. I have to say that there are some budding actors in the New Parks. 

Please ensure that you secure any gardening equipment in a secure shed rather than leaving it in your garden. The summer months tend to see an increase in the theft of tools and equipment from gardens,so please lock them away. 

As always thanks for reading if you want to keep bang up to date with what’s happening at Beaumont Leys LPU please follow me on twitter. 


 Take care 

Inspector Kev Morris

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