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I would like to welcome you all to my April 2014 blog for Beaumont Leys and New Parks. We are currently four weeks into our new crime year and we are still as busy as ever. My team are working hard to tackle and solve the problems that affect you most especially anti social behaviour. April saw the launch of the Anti Social Behaviour patrol vehicles which is Police and Crime Commissioner Initiative to specifically target ASB. I’m sure you will notice the difference that these vehicles will make in the coming months. 

During April we have executed numerous drug warrants right across the local policing unit. We have seized large amounts of drugs including Cannabis, Cocaine and Heroin. We have also seized significant amounts of cash which we are looking to confiscate due to it being linked to the sale and distribution of the drugs we have seized. As you can imagine we have a large number of people on bail at the moment and I’m sure that most of them will be charged upon their return. In the fullness of time we shall see if our efforts have any effect on our acquisitive crime rates. We will continue to target those individual who peddle drugs and we have more warrants planned for May. I want to thank all those members of the public who have contacted us and provided my team with information about people involved in drug dealing. I would ask that if you have any information about individuals who are dealing drugs then you contact us here at Beaumont leys police station or alternatively ring 101 or Crime stopper on 0800 555 111. Without your help we cannot tackle this problem. 

Crime in the first month of the new crime year is up by 8% hopefully this will settle down in the coming months. On the flip side we have achieved some notable arrests which include a male caught red handed stealing fuel from unattended lorries in a secure factory compound. My officers conducted covert observations on the premises prior to detaining the male. He has been charged with three offences of stealing diesel. Another success was the arrest and detention of a male who had tried to break into a factory premises,he is currently on bail. We have a detection rate of 22% for April. 

My colleagues ran a bicycle crime prevention day at the Glenfield Hospital Leicester last week. I have to say that we were overwhelmed with the response to our stand. We had over a thousand visitors who nearly clean us out of all our crime prevention stock. Our “D” locks sold like hot cakes and I would urge anyone who owns a cycle to purchase a “D” lock because it is one of the best ways to secure your bike. I would like to congratulate and say a big thank you to the team for all the hard work they put in on the day to make this event such a success.I would especially like to say thank you to Susan Marlow one of my volunteers who organised the day. 

Another problem that we are currently experiencing is shed breaks which are occurring across the area. If you have a shed or out building I would recommend that you take the following steps to reduce the chances of becoming a victim. 

  1. If possible, make sure that the shed located near to the house or is a least visible from the house.
  2. Ensure that the door, doorframe and walls are solid and replace any damaged or rotten areas with new sections.
  3. Lock your shed and use appropriate security such as padlocks, chains and lighting.
  4. Replace any broken glass with laminated glass and fit grills to the inside of the windows.
  5. Fit key operated window locks to opening windows. If you never open/use your opening windows, use screws to permanently shut the windows
  6. Use metal rings and chains fixed to the shed frame with security screws to enable you to secure electrical items, ladders and tools
  7. Fit a battery powered alarm. These can be purchased from a DIY stores and garden centres.
  8. Last but not lease, make sure your household insurance policy covers theft from your garden and outbuildings.   

We are holding another crime prevention event on Saturday 3rd May 2014 at the Abbey Pumping station Corporation Rd Leicester in partnership with our colleagues from the other emergency services. Please come along because it promises to be a fun day.

Thank you for reading, if you want to keep up to date on a daily basis about what is happening in your area please follow me on twitter @beaumontleyslpu


 Inspector Kev Morris

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