Beaumont Leys blog for March 2014

Can I start by congratulating the team here at Beaumont Leys for their continued support and hard work in trying to make the streets of Beaumont Leys and New Parks a safer place to live and work? Our performance continues to be of the highest standard as we continue to tackle those individuals who see committing crime as a vocation and a way to earn extra income.

During the passed 12 months we have been faced with a number of challenging incidents including serious assaults, serious domestic violence offences, and murder with the high degree of complexity that comes with each and every one of them. We have risen to this challenge tackle these issues head on. We have also tackled the less publicised offences such as theft, burglary and public order which are no less important, especially if you have been a victim. 

I would also like to congratulate a number of my staff who were recognised by the Chief Constable for their outstanding service to Leicestershire Police. They include Susan Marlow who received an award for volunteer of the year. She has been instrumental in organising planning and running a number of crime prevention events. These events have certainly promoted the crime prevention message across the local policing area.   

Overall crime is up over the passed 12 months by 7.9% which means that there have been 366 more offences/victims compared to this time last year. Vehicle crime has been and is our Achilles heel with increases in both theft of and theft form motor vehicles which have accounted for a total of 148 crimes. I still urge you all to lock your vehicles and remove any valuables from within your cars. 

We continue our drive against drugs and the targeting of those individuals on the Beaumont Leys and New Parks who think it is acceptable to produce and sell drugs to others. We will shut down as many of these drug dealing houses as we can but we cannot do it alone, we need your help by providing us with the information to act. We will seize any cash and associated items that have been purchased with drug money and apply to the courts to have those items confiscated. If you deal drugs from a council property we will work with our partners to get you evicted. We have a number of warrants which we will be executing over the coming days and months. 

There are a number of operations planned for the coming months including our contribution to Operation Tiger which commences again in a couple of weeks. We will also be conducting an ANPR initiative in the future, please watch this space. 

Our Joint Action Team meetings, working with other key partners go from strength to strength. This year we were able to support a number of key community events such as Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Cadets, Mowmacre playground half term youth activities, Ur Choice March, 13 to 17s Football Project, and ARC (Anti Racism Crew) Project. Good luck to all the events that are taking place and I hope that they are well attended. As I look forward to the future their may be an issue around funding so we may not be able to do as much as we have done in the passed, sadly this is the way of the world currently. However, we will continue to meet because I think coming together to thrash out issues and problems and coming up with workable solutions is certainly the way forward. 

I can assure you that my team and I will continue to go that extra mile to ensure that we hunt down and lock those people who continue to commit crime as a lifestyle and cause untold misery to others. 

As always thanks for reading.

Inspector Kev Morris

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