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Crime at Beaumont Leys local policing unit continues to climb we are currently 7.6% up on this time last year, this equates to 321 more offences. My team continue to work hard in an effort to reduce this deficit but we do need your help. I know I keep harping on about this in my pervious blogs but there are a few simple steps that you can take to avoid becoming a victim of burglary. Lock all your doors and windows when you leave your house, remove or secure any climbing aids such as ladders and do not leave any tools that may assist a burglar to gain access to your property. If you can afford it, consider fitting a burglar alarm this is an effective deterrent to a would be burglar. Lock your side gates and ensure your fencing is in a good state of repair to prevent access to the rear of your dwelling. Last but not least mark all of your valuables with a U.V. pen this will enable us to reunite you with your property should it be stolen. By taking these simple and practical steps it could prevent you becoming a victim of crime, and avoid all the inconvenience that goes with it.

During February we had a murder on Somerfield Walk on the Beaumont Leys where the body of Christopher Penman was found inside the address by police officers. During the initial days following the discovery of his body their was a lot of police activity in the local area which you would expect with such a serious crime. A 25 year old male has been charged with murder and  he has been remanded by Leicester Magistrates pending further hearings. This is an isolated occurrence and I do not envisage that there will be any wider impact on you, the local community. If you have any information about this incident you can contact us at Beaumont Leys police station in confidence or via 101. My sympathies and condolences go out to the family of Christopher during this difficult time. 

On a lighter note we arrested four people from a property on Gresley Close Beaumont Leys following execution of a Misuse of Drugs Act warrant. We seized a quantity of class A drugs, all four persons have been bailed pending analysis of the substances seized. I suspect that charges will follow when they answer their bail. This was only possible through the intelligence that you the local community provided. We do act on all intelligence we receive so I would urge you to contact us with any information you have about individuals in your local community who are involved in crime or drug dealing. 

As a result of covert observations on the Beaumont Leys we recently managed to detain a teenager riding a stolen a motorcycle from Birstall. He was seen riding the bike on the pavement and he was not wearing a helmet.He stood out like a sore thumb. He was arrested and will receive the required the sanction. 

Hopefully March will not be as busy as February but if it is,we will rise to the challenge as always.

Thanks for reading.

Take care.

Inspector Kev Morris

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