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Welcome to my first blog of 2014, it’s nice to see it beginning to get lighter in the evenings which will have a knock on effect on crime. Criminals tend to use the cover of darkness to do their work, so any help we can get from Mother Nature is greatly welcome. With that in mind I would still encourage you all to lock and secure the windows and doors to your homes, even when you’re at present to stop those opportunists’ criminals who entry your homes when your present.

Through some excellent work by my neighbourhood team we have finally managed to locate and arrest the two individuals who were working independently targeting insecure properties in and around the Abbey beat. These two people were taking small items such as keys, wallets, watches and mobile telephones to fund their drug habit. Both will be facing trial in the future and i`m hoping for custodial sentences for both. Since we locked up these two, burglaries have dropped off significantly, targeted policing does get results, long may it continue.

Our Christmas drink driving campaign finished on 3rd January 2014 and 108 people were caught on our roads putting other people’s lives at risk. This is up on last years figures. It just isn’t worth it; you could kill someone and at the very least lose your driving licence or job. Please use a sober driver, take a taxi or walk, its safer in the long run.

Another significant seizure of drugs was made by my safer neighbourhood team this month. We went to a local hotel to arrest a male for an assault, sadly he was not there but their was another male present who was in the process of cutting and blending heroin and crack cocaine. Needless to say he was arrested and spent most of the day with us helping us unravel the events leading up to his arrest. We have taken over £3,000 pounds worth of drugs off the street with this one arrest.The suspect has been bailed pending analysis of the substances seized. I have no doubt that he will be charged when he answers his bail next month.

Another emerging problem at Beaumont Leys is theft from unattended motor vehicles. This crime is popular with criminals because it is relatively quick to commit especially if you leave valuable items on show such as sat nav`s, cash and mobiles. People who commit this type of crime are in and out of vehicles in under 30 seconds so please either take them with you when you leave your vehicle or lock them in the boot of your motor. Placing items in the glove box has little effect because they will check it when they are searching your vehicle. I would ask you to be aware of where you park your vehicles,paying a bit extra in a local car park could save you a lot of money in repair bills. 

Tiger 2 started on 27th January 2014 which is a forcewide operation to target criminals across Leicestershire. Early results have been encouraging and we are certainly seeing a reduction in crime at Beaumont because of all the extra activity. I have no doubt that we will be targeting and locking up those people who are intent on making others lives a misery. 

On a lighter note two of my CID colleagues disturbed two males trying to steal pedal cycles outside a local leisure centre. They were not best pleased because they were on their way to a local superstore to get their lunch. I informed them that these criminals had done them a favour by helping their waistlines, which went down like a lead balloon.In all seriousness it was a cracking job which took two prolific theft of cycle merchants off the streets, so my congratulations go to them and I have promised to pay for their lunch in the future. 

I would just like to finish by asking you to forward us any intelligence you have about people who are committing crime in your local community. As always we will treat any information in the strictest of confidence because without your help we cannot target those people in our communities who are causing us most harm. There are a variety of ways you can contact us either directly on 101 or via our website,by letter or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 

As always thanks for reading  

Inspector Kev Morris

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