NW Leics LPU – Update January 2014

For my first blog of the year I thought I would reflect on a couple of things, firstly what we have been doing to  police  the night time economy in North West Leicestershire, and secondly to highlight the work of some people who have made a significant contribution to what we do here.

Policing the night time economy.

Across North West Leicester, and in particular Coalville, Ashby, Whitwick, and Measham, our work to tackle alcohol related crime and disorder is a fundamental part of policing the night time economy. The focus for much of this work relates to Friday and Saturday nights and to a lesser extent Thursday evenings and the other days of the week.

In December 2013 leading up to the Christmas period we launched our SAFE campaign. We placed our Rural beat van in AshbyTown centre to act as a SAFE point. Police officers together with street pastors were available at the vehicle to take reports of crime and provide support to people who had become distressed.

Nw Leics LPU SAFE bus

Nw Leics LPU SAFE bus

In addition to the vehicle, police officers and staff from North West Leicestershire District Council carried out a series of licensing checks across the area. It is pleasing to note that most of the premises visited were compliant with licensing requirements. Where we have identified issues we are working with the licensees to remedy matters.

During December we have also been strongly supported by the Special Constabulary.

We have been running Operation Headley which has been staffed by Special Constables and not only assisted our work in relation to the night time economy, but also in tackling anti-social behaviour.

I am both fortunate and grateful to have a superb group of Special Constables who give so much of their free time to assist our response and neighbourhood teams across the LPU.

If you are interested in becoming a Special Constable, please visit this link for more information.

Leicestershire Police – Volunteer of the year 2013

As I have mentioned last month we have an active group of volunteers at NW Leics. At the forefront of this is Bob Bancroft. Bob was nominated for the Leicestershire police volunteer of the year award, and although he did not win the main award, he was ‘Highly Commended’.

Police Volunteer - Bob Bancroft

Police Volunteer – Bob Bancroft

Bob was a Special Constable for 14 years before returning his uniform and becoming a police volunteer. Volunteering must be in his blood! During 2013 our group of volunteers had slowly dwindled until Bob was in effect the only active volunteer. However with Bob’s hard work that number has grown, and you can see from my previous blog that we now have an outstanding and hardworking group of volunteers.

Bob himself gave over 2100 hours of time in 2013. Between June and December he assisted us at 18 events, which is an outstanding commitment.

I am delighted that Bob has been highly commended and would like to publicly thank him for all that he does to help us deliver a first rate policing service to North West Leicestershire.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) of the Year 2013.

If it were needed, further evidence of the quality of the people who work at NW LPU is demonstrated by PCSO Rob Inman who was nominated for the Leicestershire Police PCSO of the year award and was ‘Highly Commended’.

PCSO Rob Inman

PCSO Rob Inman

 Rob joined Leicestershire Police as a PCSO in October 2012 and on completion of his training joined the Bardon Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team. Rob has worked hard to get to know the communities on his neighbourhood in particular in Greenhill and Agar Nook.

During last summer Rob organised a football tournament for young people from Greenhill and Agar Nook and it was a tremendous success. The winners played a team from North West Leics Police, and although it resulted in a few sore shins, the result was Greenhill 2 – Police 2.

Outside of his work with young people, Rob has also done a tremendous amount of work tackling anti-social behaviour. I have received a number of letters from members of the public and partner agencies thanking Rob for his hard work and enthusiasm.

Rob’s award is in recognition of his hard work and commitment to providing a first class service.

At North West Leicestershire LPU we hold regular webchats. These are an opportunity to go online and ask questions of our local officers. Our next webchat takes place on Thursday 30th January 2014 from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Please visit this link for more information and also to view previous webchats. Webchats

We are also active on social media, please visit this link for more information; Social Media

I look forward to speaking more with you next month,

Helena Bhakta

North West Leicestershire Local Policing Unit Commander