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Christmas and the New Year are well and truly over, I hope you had a safe and pleasant one, whatever you were doing. The fight against crime didn’t stop over Christmas and the New Year. We increased the number of officers and patrols across Beaumont Leys and New Parks during the festive period. This paid dividends with a slight fall in crime compared to the time last year.

We ran a number of initiatives on the lead up to Christmas including opening a crime prevention shop located within the Beaumont Leys shopping centre. My thanks go out to the management staff at the centre, once again came up trumps and provided us a shop free of charge. Visitor numbers increased again this year as it has done every year since we opened the shop, 4 years ago. We had 1,242 people visit the safety shop for crime and fire prevention advice over a 12 day period, which was fantastic. Hopefully we can run the shop again in 2014 and increase the number of visitors again.

Over the Christmas period we had a shotgun discharge at a property on Acer Close Beaumont Leys, which is a very rare event for my local policing unit. Luckily no-one was hurt possibly due to the time of night the discharge occurred. Investigations continue into this matter and we are determined to identify and arrest the person(s) responsible. I would ask that if you have any information regarding this incident you contact us on 101 or alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Currently the main areas of crime that are of most concern to me and my team is vehicle crime, burglary and theft of pedal cycles. We have seen a rapid increase in theft from vehicles and as I write this blog we have had 74 more offences than we did this time last year. If we combine the theft of vehicles to the theft from vehicles we are 116 offences up, compared to last year. Therefore I would ask you that if you are leaving your vehicle unattended, you ensure it is locked and you remove all items from view. These simple precautions will help to ensure that you do not become a victim of this type crime. The same applies to your property please lock you doors even if you are at home. We are currently seeing an increase in what we call “creeper” break ins where individuals enter houses via insecure front and rear doors and steal whatever is visible before exiting the property. This type of crime is quick and relevantly easy, the chances of being caught are low. 

It’s not all bad news we have had some notable successes. We recently arrested two males from an address on the Beaumont Leys for burglary. Both males were charged and remanded to prison, the spate of break-ins we were having in the Astill Lodge area have stopped. It does prove that if we lock up the right individuals crime falls. 

I would also ask that if you are going out for a drink you either use a designated driver who sticks to non-alcoholic drinks or use a taxi. It’s not worth losing your driving licence because it will cost you more than a taxi in the long run. Our Christmas and New Year our campaign has so far netted 102 drink drivers. However, our drink driving campaign is not only for Christmas, we target drink drivers all year round.

To conclude may I wish you all a happy 2014 and I hope it brings you everything you wish for. As always thanks for reading

 Insp Kev Morris

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