Loughborough LPU Commander – December Update

I took over as Local Policing Unit Commander for Loughborough LPU in October 2013, and I am enjoying the challenge of working at a busy station with a great team. I have spent the past couple of months finding out about the great variety of work we are doing here.

Since the beginning of the financial year in April we have seen a small reduction in burglary across the Loughborough area of 5.2% which means there have been twelve fewer victims of burglary. I am delighted with this as it represents a lot of hard work targeting the people who are doing us harm, as well as getting our patrols in the right place and working on a consistent crime prevention message.

Together with my team we will be working hard to drive down all crime, and burglary in particular.

With the darker nights upon us, it would be timely to remind everybody to always lock your doors and if you are going to be out when it is dark, to leave some lights on. We have available for purchase at Loughborough police station a variety of crime prevention products including light timers and window shock alarms.

Vehicle crime is always a concern, and I never fail to be surprised by the number of people who still make the life of the criminal a lot easier than it should be. Across Loughborough we have had a number of cars stolen where the doors have not been locked.

If you are leaving your vehicle, even if only for a short time, always lock it. If you have any valuables, remove them or put them out of sight. If you leave it on show expect it to go.

This is also linked to the seasonal weather, and we regularly receive reports of vehicles that are stolen when they have been left with the engine running and unattended whilst the owner is indoors waiting for the windscreen to defrost.

frosty picture nw blog

Quite simply, do not leave your car unattended with the engine running.

You can pop into Loughborough police station and collect one of our free ice-scrapers.

We are also undergoing some changes with our Safer Neighbourhood Teams, and in the New Year PC Suzie Jackson who is the Beacon Officer for the University, will be going into CID for an attachment. Suzie has become a well known face around the University and has forged some great links with both the University and the Students Union.

PC 4616 Suzie Jackson

PC 4616 Suzie Jackson

Suzie will be back in 2014, and in her absence;

PC Phil Ariss will be taking over the role, please make him welcome as you see him out and about around the University.

PC 2874 Phil Ariss

PC 2874 Phil Ariss

On a final note on behalf of all of the police officers and staff, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

Inspector Nathan Kirk

Loughborough LPU Commander

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