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Hi all,

Welcome to my November blog, it been nice to be able to recognise my staff again after they shaved all of those moustaches off for Movember. I’m glad to say that a vast amount of cash has been raised right across the force for prostrate cancer. 

Crime on my area continues to rise, we are currently 198 offences up on this time last year.Burglary, theft of cycles and shop theft continue to feature prominently. We have various initiatives in place to tackle these problems especially on the run up to Christmas. However, you have a part to play too. Please do not leave your cycle insecure and unattended, if you do, don’t be surprised if it gets stolen. I have a similar plea in relation to your property; please ensure it is locked when you leave. 

November has been a great month for arrests, it started with our contribution to Operation Tiger by extracting a wanted male from a loft on the New Parks. He had absconded from prison two months earlier. Patrolling officers from my Safer Neighbourhood team also came across a male who was underneath a Merc Sprinter van dismantling the exhaust system to gain access to the catalytic converter. He was suitably detained. We also executed a warrant at an address on the Beaumont Leys and arrest five individuals who were in possession of stolen property. We assisted our colleagues in the U.K. border Agency when we raid a factory premises on the Abbey ward where eight suspected illegal immigrants were arrested. There were many more but this just gives you an insight of what we deal with on a monthly basis. We arrested 98 people at Beaumont Leys local Policing Unit during the month of November for a variety of offences.

Our ongoing battle against drug dealing and drug possession was rewarded when we acted on community intelligence supplied to us. We forced entry to an address on the Beaumont Leys ward and discovered what we believe was £30,000 worth of MCAT. Two people have been arrested in connection with this investigation and remain on police bail while the drugs are forensically tested. We will continue to target drug related crime due to its links with overall offending behaviour. 

I would also like to congratulate the New Parks team on their sterling effort in raising £700 for the charities Rainbows and Wishes 4 Kids by completing a 488 mile cycle challenge. The team of twelve officers cycled the equivalent distance from New Parks to the twinned city of Strasbourg in France on static bikes. This was an excellent effort by the team despite some of them not being up to premiership fitness levels.

I want to finish off by wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Don’t forget to keep those presents out of sight and lock your doors and windows. 

As always thanks for reading

Inspector Kev Morris

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