October`s blog for Beaumont Leys

Hello everyone,


I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but it has been another busy month for me and my team. Sadly over the past month crime has increased by 3% with burglary and theft from vehicles being the main problems. I would urge people not to leave items such as handbags and satnav`s on view in their motor cars. And I would also ask that you do not leave doors and windows insecure. We have had a number of burglaries where the criminals have either just walked or climbed into properties.


As I promised in my last blog we have executed a number of warrants at addresses Beaumont Leys and NewParks during the past month. At one address we discovered a cannabis grow worth in excess of £25,000. The individual at this address was arrested and he is currently on bail pending analysis of the drugs. We will be also executing more warrants this month in conjunction with Operation Tiger, which is a force initiative to tackle crime.


Car crime continues to remain a problem for us and we are putting significant resources into this problem in an effort to tackle it. However, it is really difficult to catch people committing thefts from vehicles because they are in and out in a flash. We have had some recent success in targeting this problem; we arrested two persons at different ends of the beat attempting to steal catalytic converters, both were charged and remanded to court. So please take all the precautions you can to protect and safeguard your property.


Recently we have arrested a large number of people who have been recalled by the prisons because they have not abided by their licence conditions. We also arrested a male on the New Parks who had absconded from HMP Sudbury in Derbyshire. He was hiding in the loft of a house in an attempt to evade capture. He has been charged with escaping from lawful custody and return to prison.


We also recently arrested a polish male who was wanted back in Poland for GBH. We transported him down to Westminster Magistrates Court and he has been remanded in custody pending his removal from the United Kingdom, to face justice in Poland.


To conclude crime is up at Beaumont Leys but we are trying hard to combat this upward trend by being more visible and acting on intelligence that you the general public provide us. We shall continue to bore down on those people who cause the general community the most harm and we will also continue to use our powers to the full, to arrest those individuals. In the meantime please take sensible crime precautions when you’re out and about.


Take care


Inspector Kev Morris

Beaumont Leys Local Policing Commander

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