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Hello everybody welcome to my September blog for Beaumont Leys.


Our local policing unit continues to be a busy place to work and my staff are working really hard to tackle the criminal elements of society who live and visit our area to commit their evil deeds. This month we have continued to support our colleagues at Spinney Hill local policing unit with staff following the tragic and dreadful events that occurred on Kent Street and Woodhill.


However, we have had some notable successes recently especially when we deployed plain clothes officers on the Abbey and New Parks wards. A number of individuals were arrested for a variety of offences including possessing and supplying controlled substances, being wanted on a recall to prison and theft. Due to our undercover activity crime fell by 1.5% and I intend to run similar operations in the future.


Incidents of note include responding to an incident at a  house on Beaumont Leys where a bottle of flammable liquid was thrown through an open door which resulted in a fire. Two persons were arrested and are currently on bail pending further enquiries. We also arrested a number of people who were involved in two separate incidents of disorder, they too are on bail pending further enquiries.


We continue to support the Fatal 4 clinics which have been run over the past month at Beaumont Leys. I would urge you all to wear your seat belts, not to use your mobile telephone whilst driving, keep your speed down and not to drink and drive. A number of people have been caught and issued with fixed penalty tickets for committing at least one of the traffic offences i`ve just mentioned.


In conjunction with the Beaumont Leys shopping centre and Leicester City Council we have run two car crime prevention days, where we offered crime prevention advice to drivers using the shopping centre. We also fitted free anti tamper proof number plate screws to vehicles as part of the initiative. In total we have fitted 169 vehicles with tamper proof screws.We will be running the same operation again in late November.


Over the past couple of weeks we have experienced an increase in vehicle crime and my plea to you is not to leave valuable items on display in your vehicle. We have had sat nav`s, briefcases, laptops and number plates stolen from unattended vehicles. I would also exhort you to ensure that  the doors and windows to your property are locked prior to you going to bed or going out,because we have had a number of walk in theft where people have simply walked in through open doors.


In the coming weeks we will be executing a number of court issued warrants at various addresses across all three wards. This is  part of my ongoing commitment to tackling drug fuelled crime and I will update you as to how it went,in my next blog.


As always please stay safe and be aware of your surroundings. If you have any issues or problems please do not hesitate to contact us at Beaumont Leys. If you have any information about suspected criminal activity in your area you can either ring crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 call us on 101 or you can write or email us, all your information will be treated in strict confidence.


Thanks for reading


Insp Kev Morris

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