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Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the summer weather,it makes a pleasant change to have some hot weather,feels like Spain! However, there is a downside to all this lovely weather,criminals find it appealing too. We have recently experienced an up surge in walk in thefts and burglaries because people are leaving their doors and windows unlocked. So a plea from me,please lock your doors and windows when you leave your property.

As i stated in my last blog we will continue target those individuals who produce,deal and use drugs.We have executed a number of warrants under the misuse of drugs act and we`ve had some really good successes.We also have a number of warrant which we will be executing over the coming weeks.If you saw the press release involving Constable Postlethwaite it gives you a flavour of what your neighbourhood team does on a regular basis.Click on the link to view

However,this type of operation is not possible without intelligence from you the community,so i would ask that if you have any suspicions about anyone involved in crime then please either contact us here at Beaumont Leys or ring Crimestoppers.

I would also like to welcome Sergeant Stevens to the Local Policing Unit. He  takes over the New Parks Neighbourhood Team from Sergeant Wardle who has moved on to pastures new. I`m sure that Sergeant Stevens will make a success of his new role.

Overall crime is starting to creep up on the Beaumont Leys LPU but we are still showing a decrease on this time last year.We continue to focus on targeting those people in our community who cause others the most harm. We have had some great success in targeting know offenders.To that end we have various planned operations that we will be implementing over the coming months,watch this space 

Highlights for this month was the number plate initative that we ran in conjunction with the Beaumont Leys shopping centre and Leicester City Council. We managed to fix 84 anti tamper screws to the vehicles that attended,which was a great result.We do plan to hold another vehicle number plate day in the near future.

Another arrest of note were the two burglars who entered a house on the New Parks and were caught on CCTV. It took a lot of work to identify these burglars and once identified we implemented a planned operation to arrest these rascals.Both were nicked and have been remanded in custody.  

To conclude we continue to bear down on crime at Beaumont Leys and i`m sure we will meet the targets set by the Crime Commissioner for Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland.

Thanks for reading and as always stay safe

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Inspector Kev Morris

Beaumont Leys Local Policing Commander

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