Keyham Lane August Blog

With the summer well and truly with us crime is remaining at a low level but crimes are still occurring and Anti Social Behaviour is still affecting some of our local residents.

Some areas are affected more than others but please don’t ‘suffer in silence’. The more we are told about the issues in your area the more we can do about trying to reduce the problems. There is an online consultation where you can tell us about your issues at :

Over the last few months there have been anti social dispersal orders in place on the Belgrave, Latimer and Charnwood wards. These have helped us address the concerns of local residents around larger groups causing anti social behaviour by giving us certain powers to keep those people causing the most problems out of the area. Reports have reduced but we need to be told of any problems people are still having.

There have been significant arrests over the last couple of months of people who have been involved in Robberies, Burglaries, Drug dealing  and anti social behaviour and we continue to target those individuals that cause our communities most harm. If you know of someone near you involved or benefitting from crime please let us know on 101 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

As the weather starts to turn to rain from the lovely sun we need to remind every one of some safety messages as there are some crimes that are happening at the moment which could be avoided !

Most crime is opportunist and if your property, car, valuables stand out and look more insecure than those around you then you have a higher chance of getting targeted.

Some basic awareness will help reduce your chances of being a victim of crime. Advice can be sought on our website at the following link

Some basics are:

For your home

  •  Keep doors and widows secure
  • Use light timers when out
  • Use exterior lighting
  • Dont leave valuable items on display
  • Security mark your property
  • Register property of value on

For your car

  •  Dont leave valuables on display
  • Make sure it is locked when you are not with it

For you

  •  Be aware of your surroundings particularly when using phones etc in public
  • If you are wearing high value jewellery try to keep it covered in public areas

If you see something suspicious please report it to us. That includes not just suspicious vehicles or suspicious people ‘hanging around’ but also people who may be selling or accepting items that may be stolen or dealing drugs. We can be called directly on 101 or 999 if an emergency but information can also be passed completely anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.