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As I mentioned in my last blog last year was an excellent year for Beaumont Leys LPU.We reduced crime significantly, as well as bringing more offenders to justice. We detected more crime by targeting those individuals who persisted in committing offences.


Anti Social behaviour is also on a downward spiral and we have made significant progress in tackling this type of crime. Our focus during the summer months is to target those people who choose ride their motorbikes across public land such as parks,verges and open ground. We have already interviewed and reported a number of individuals for committing these types of offences. People run the real risk of having their motorbikes seized and crushed if found perpetrating this type of anti-social behaviour.


However, we cannot rest on our laurels and we are well and truly into the new crime year. We have faced a number of significant challenges since April. You may have seen the front page article in the Leicester Mercury regarding a male dressed in women’s clothing who exposed himself to a number of women in and around the Beaumont Leys area. The hunt for this male continues and I would urge anyone reading this blog who has any information to contact us at Leicestershire Police.


Another challenging investigation that we are currently investigating is the serious public disorder that occurred on Abbey Park during the May Bank Holiday. Four persons have been arrested and remain on Police bail whilst we conduct further enquries.This was a really frightening experience for those families who attended the park on the Bank Holiday and we are determined to bring those responsible to justice.


It is early days but we are looking at another crime reduction this year, fingers crossed. The staff at Beaumont Leys continue to focus on delivering the best service they can and the letters and feedback I get certainly bear that out. A short note highlighting what an excellent service my team provide is worth its wait in goal to the individual officer and me. However, we do not just want hear the good, any bad experiences you have are also valuable because we are always open to learning from our mistakes. If you don’t let us know then we can’t get it right next time, so I would encourage you to write to me with any positive or negative experiences you have. 


I promise that this year we will keep up the pressure on those persons who continue to break the law and cause our communities to suffer. We are determined to make 2013 another successful year and with your help i`m sure we can.


Thank you for reading my blog


Inspector Kev Morris


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