Melton Mowbray End of Year Message

April always seems a strange time to call the end of the year but it is that time when you will get to hear about crime statistics. Statistics don’t always reflect all the good work done on your behalf. Equally me telling you that crime has again reduced in Melton might be no comfort if you have been a victim. That said Melton is a safe place to live and overall crime has reduced by 9% which is 220 less victims. House burglaries which are one of our main focuses have reduced by just under 7% but over the last 5 years the numbers have halved.

Recent challenges have been around how crime is evolving. Thefts from cars now are about number plate thefts, catalytic convertor thefts and fuel. Theft of cars has been made more difficult which has seen criminals breaking into your house to steal the car keys. There are ways to reduce the chance of becoming a victim and that is to take crime prevention measures. We are still getting a significant number of burglaries where the thieves have entered through doors that have not been locked; tamperproof number plate screws are available at the station and you can join the Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) and I would urge you to contact Eric Tyndale using the following e-mail address if you live in the town

If you live on the rural north of the Borough then please contact John Shilton at the following e-mail

Getting involved with your residents’ groups, Parish Councils all make a difference. There have been 2 good examples recently where crimes have been prevented by members of the community keeping an eye out.

I will continue to invest in tackling rural crime and have been supported by partners allowing me to introduce a text alert system for farmers and Farm Watch signs will be available free for those on the scheme. We have produced a free DVD for farmers giving advice on safeguarding themselves.  Operation Ball is now daily business and involves dedicated rural patrols targeting criminals coming across the border. We are using technology such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition to help us as well as cars having on board computers so staff don’t need to return to the station as often to update systems which can now be done in situ.

I hope that we can enjoy another good year this year into 2014

Inspector John Gray