2013 – unlucky for some?

For our burglars I hope so! Although we enter the new year with crime at a 22 year low we certainly won’t be easing the pressure on those who cause the most harm, in fact, our focus has never been tighter. We are working more closely then ever with our partners to address the offending behaviour of the few and to make it as difficult as possible for those that continue to commit crime.

Much of that work goes on behind the scenes but some things that will be very much visible are the next lot of alley gates that we and the City Council will be installing around the Tudor Road area. A proven way of reducing burglary, theft and damage as long as they are kept shut and locked so please, if you see yours or a neighbour’s open – close it.

I know I am repeating some other messages but if you have had some nice new tech for Christmas then take 5 mins to go to Immobilise.com and register your stuff. Also take advantage of Apps like Find my iPhone or similar on your Samsung, android or Windows phone. Imagine the look on the criminals face as we turn up with our own tech tracking your stuff and seeing justice done – we’ve done it a few times and would like to do it more but it surprises me how many people don’t use it!

We are welcoming a few new faces to our Beats alongside some ‘old favourites’ so please look out for your Safer Neighbourhood Team members and say hello. For more information on who they are have a look here. You’ll also find a link there to our consultation surveys which is one way you can tell us what it is that you would like the police and our partners to help you or your community with. You might find we suggest you ‘GoMad’ – have a look to see what we mean!

For those of us on the right side of the law, I hope 2013 is a happy and prosperous new year and here’s to #tigersfamily getting some good results over the next couple of weeks. Tigers vs Toulouse is as good a european cup final as you could wish to see!

Inspector Andy Parkes