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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my second blog from sunny Beaumont Leys Police station in Leicester.

Since my last blog crime has been on the increase especially burglary and car crime.I would ask that people ensure that they lock their doors and windows prior to living their houses. I know it sounds obvious but you would still be surprised how many burglaries occur because someone has left their doors or windows insecure.

Vehicles are also being targetted,people are defrosting their cars leaving the keys in the ignition and they are then surprised when someone jumps in the vehicle and drives it away.Please be careful and keep your wits about you when defrosting your vehicles windscreen.If possible remain with your vehicle whilst it is defrosting it will save a lot of heart ache and inconvenience in the long run.

Since my last blog we have arrested numerous people for a variety of offences including burglary,theft,possessing offensive weapons,assault and criminal damage.All have either been cautioned or charged,those charged have been sent to magistrates court to be dealt with. We are currently detecting 35.5% of all crime reported to us,its because we take crime seriously and by locking up those who do most harm in our communities is one of the main ways we keep people safe.

I hope you have enjoyed the information contained in this blog


Inspector K.S.Morris

Beaumont Leys Local Policing Commander.

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I`am currently the local policing commander for Beaumont Leys and New Parks.I have seventy staff which enables me to provide neighbourhood policing to the three ward beats of Beaumont,Abbey and New Parks. I have over 23 years of policing experience in various departments within Leicestershire Police which includes response policing,criminal justice and Firearms. I`m also a long suffering supporter of Birmingham City