Inspector Sian Walls’ update for November

During this update Id like to inform you about the forthcoming changes to the LPU structure. I have been busy over the last month talking to partners and community members about the changes that are due to occur on 8th January 2013. I hope to visit the community forums planned across the Borough in December to talk to more community members about the changes, but in the mean time if you have any questions you’d like to ask on the back of this briefing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Neighbourhood policing is central to the changes that are planned in January. By increasing resources into Safer Neighbourhood Teams, it is hoped that the teams will have more resilience to manage crime, problem solve community issues, manage repeat offenders, vulnerability and ASB more effectively at a geographical level. The approach will be evidence/intelligence led and based on information that comes from a variety of sources, including community consultation. So how are we growing our numbers? The growth of Safer Neighbourhood Teams at an LPU level does not mean that there is a growth of officers at an LPU, County or Force level. By changing the shift pattern of “response officers” and realigning shift to demand, it has been possible to reduce the numbers of response officers at certain times when demand is low so that Safer Neighbourhood Teams can be increased.

From the 8th January 2013 the numbers of Safer Neighbourhood Team officers will increase. I am delighted to remain as the LPU Commander for Oadby and Wigston. I will lead a team of four sergeants, one of which will be a crime and operations sergeant and the other three will run the Safer Neighbourhood Teams. Three beacon officers will assist the three Safer Neighbourhood sergeants to run the three beats and in total there will be 18 officers and 11 PCSOs across the neighbourhoods. This is an increase of 9 neighbourhood officers at an LPU level. For each beat the numbers will be as follows:

  • South Wigston: 4 officers, 3 PCSOs
  • Wigston: 7 officers, 4 PCSOs
  • Oadby: 7 officers, 4 PCSOs

Your options for contacting the police will remain unchanged and our standards of service delivery should remain unaffected. For those of you working with us in partnership and trying to manage longer term problems, I hope that you will see a real commitment to problem solving at the heart of our communities!!

Aside from the changes taking place in the New Year, Id like to take this opportunity to remind you of the action that you can take now that darker nights are well and truly in to prevent you from becoming an unnecessary victim of crime. At this time of year we tend to see an increase in crime, but with a few investments, you can cut your chances of being targeted. Invest in light timers to deter would be burglars and ensure that your property is locked and secure when you are out. Did you know that 1/3 of all burglaries are via insecure properties? If you are away, ask a trusted friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your house and finally if you see anything suspicious please report it to us. We need your help to fight crime and your eyes and ears are crucial to us. In an emergency call 999, in a non emergency call 101.

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