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Hi there,

Wecome to my first blog using wordpress. My name is Inspector Kev Morris and I am the local policing commander for Beaumont Leys and New Parks in Leicester.

My patch is currently made up of three beats: Abbey, Beaumont and New Parks wards. My role means that I am responsible for all of the policing activity on those three areas.

There is never a dull moment being a policing commander and my days are usually busy trying to juggle all the daily requirements of policing a busy area.My main focus as you would expect is trying to reduce and detect crime to try and make my part of Leicester a safer place to live and visit.

To that end if you have information about crime you can either contact Crimestopper on 0800 555 111, Leicestershire Police on 101 or contact me directly by letter, telephone, email or via the Leicestershire police website.

My address is Inspector K.Morris Leicestershire Police, Beaumont Leys Police Station, Benion Road, Leicester LE4 1DS.

Telephone number 101 ask for me.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, take care.

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About 1071kmorris

I`am currently the local policing commander for Beaumont Leys and New Parks.I have seventy staff which enables me to provide neighbourhood policing to the three ward beats of Beaumont,Abbey and New Parks. I have over 23 years of policing experience in various departments within Leicestershire Police which includes response policing,criminal justice and Firearms. I`m also a long suffering supporter of Birmingham City