Beware of the booze

This last week has been the ACPO alcohol awareness week where nationally each of the police forces concentrates on initiatives to tackle alcohol related crime and to raise awareness around the consequences of excessive drinking. Not only is there an implication around crime but also excessive drinking adds to health problems and is a ticking time bomb that may go off in years to come. When you are young you think of yourself as invincible and looking ahead to the effects in later life is not on people’s radars. The statistics are quite shocking with 50% of all violent crime being linked to alcohol; whilst not the sole cause it is very often a contributory factor. When I was a custody sergeant I remember on a regular basis detainees waking up and not being able to remember how they ended up on the receiving end of our hospitality. The most amusing story (although not at the time for the victims) involved a call from a family to report they’d found a drunken man asleep in their garage. Officers attended and moved him on to then receive a second call to say he had returned, had got into the house and had gone to sleep in one of their bedrooms. When police tried to help him out of the door he became violent and was arrested. The next morning it transpired he had got so drunk he had gone back to his old house rather than his current address leaving him very embarrassed Stories like this are funny to relate looking back but very often there are more serious consequences which play out on our televisions.

This week my staff have been into schools speaking to young people about the dangers of alcohol misuse. On Monday night staff conducted a test purchase operation targeting supermarkets and it was pleasing to see them all pass. The last 2 operations targeted smaller off licensed premises and also pubs and again we had no fails. This is the first time we have seen this across the board which is very encouraging and these operations will continue. I noted a comment on our Facebook page asking us why we are not concentrating on catching real criminals. I do understand this comment especially if you have had your house burgled but these operations to prevent crime are important as we have to respond to assaults and antisocial behaviour so if we can reduce the numbers of these and the damage done to victims who are assaulted both domestically and whilst out for a night then it will free us up to spend more time on other things.

Other activities will be using the alcoblow which is like a wand that indicates if what appears like a can of coke contains any additional ingredients to tackle youth drinking on parks as well as confiscating alcohol. Breathalysers are being trialled at some of the pubs to try to discourage pre-loading and to support the door staff in some of their discussions with customers. If this is successful then I would like to see the scheme broadened. The strength of Melton is that we enjoy a close relationship with Pubwatch who are all committed to making Melton a good night out.

Next month sees the start of Octsober which is a chance to raise money for charity by abstaining for a month. This is great for your health and for a good cause so why not sign up or sponsor someone who has.

Hinckley and Bosworth LPU Commander – August 2014

Over the last month, the station has been visited by Chief Constable Simon Cole and our Police and Crime Commissioner, Sir Clive Loader.  Mr Cole was pleased to see the hard work going on in relation to tackling anti-social behaviour and targeting criminals.  There are a few areas of focus around the borough at the moment, two in particular being the community centre in Markfield and the Northern Perimeter Road in Hinckley.  Both of these areas are subject to extra policing activity, so it was good to see the work recognised by a senior figure.

Sir Clive met some of the staff from the multiagency antisocial behaviour team and later went out on foot patrol with PC Julia Brown.

As the nights begin to draw in, we are heading closer to the clocks going back.  Over the years, we often see an increase in house burglaries around this time so I want to reiterate a few really important messages to make sure you don’t suffer a break in.  Use lights on timers, keep your doors and windows secure, even when you are in, and report any suspicious activity in your area to the police.  Dial 101 to pass us any general concerns, but always use 999 if you think a crime may be about to happen.

Inspector Jonny Starbuck

Hinckley and Bosworth Police

A significant element of our work at Hinckley is to tackle the issues that are important to the community. We regularly engage and consult with large part of the community as well as statutory and voluntary partners. I would therefore be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete our on-line questionnaire and tell us about issues that you feel need tackling. It can be found by visiting this link.

We use the results from this survey to assist us with setting our neighbourhood priorities.

If you want to receive regular policing updates and information about the Hinckley area please sign up to our community messaging system, Neighbourhood Link.

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Hinckley and Bosworth LPU Commander – July 2014

So far this year we have seen a reduction of just over 10% in terms of the crime and incidents recorded in the first quarter of the year, compared to the same time last year.  We will continue to work with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council to capitalise on this success as the year goes on.

I’m also pleased to report that the new beat office in Market Bosworth has now been completed.  The office in on the same site as the old police station and the same beat team is still working from the new office as was based there previously.  These new arrangements are helping with the force’s savings agenda, which in turn helps to contribute towards keeping as many officers involved in front line policing as possible.

Local officers at the station have been making good use of new legislation too.  New powers now exist, allowing the police to apply for Domestic Violence Protection Orders, even in cases where the victim won’t support a prosecution. The orders are requested by the investigating officer, authorised by a Superintendent and ultimately ratified by the court.  We have used these powers twice now in the borough, securing extra protection for some of our most vulnerable victims of violent crime.

Inspector Jonny Starbuck

Hinckley LPU Commander

A significant element of our work at Hinckley is to tackle the issues that are important to the community. We regularly engage and consult with large part of the community as well as statutory and voluntary partners. I would therefore be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete our on-line questionnaire and tell us about issues that you feel need tackling. It can be found by visiting this link.

We use the results from this survey to assist us with setting our neighbourhood priorities.

If you want to receive regular policing updates and information about the Hinckley area please sign up to our community messaging system, Neighbourhood Link.

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Beaumont Leys Local Policing Unit August 2014 Blog

Hi everyone,

I want to start off this month’s blog with a really good bit of news. At the end of August we executed two warrants in the Beaumanor area of the Abbey beat and discovered between £14,000 & £33,000 worth of class “A” drugs believed to be Cocaine.Some had already been cut up ready for distribution whilst the remainder was still in its pure form. Four people were arrested on the night and are currently on police bail, I expect charges to follow. We will continue and maintain our purge against local drug dealers.We have arrested a total of 33 people since March who have been connected or concerned in the possession,supply or production of controlled substances on the LPU. We have a number of operations planned for the coming months to target people who have slip the net thus far. Be warned if you’re dealing drugs on the Abbey, Beaumont and New Parks wards we will arrest you and you can expect a custodial sentences. This is slowly but surely having an effect on serious acquisitive crime, we have reduced burglary of people homes significantly since this operation started and crime overall is beginning to fall along with the amount of anti-social behaviour being reported. Good news all around.

I was also pleased that Rajbir Sangha pleaded guilty this month to conning elderly victims out of thousands of pounds. This was a particularly heinous crime because of the ages of the victims involved who could ill afford to spend vast sums of money on products they did not need. She was selling disability products at grossly inflated prices to these vulnerable victims and pocketing the difference. She has made thousands of pounds out of this scam and we will be going after he assets to try and recompense the people she conned. She had been convicted of a similar offence in 2012. Rajbir Sangha was jailed for two years, six months at Leicester Crown Court. The judge said, “this was calculated dishonesty” and I agree with his comments. I must congratulate the Safer Neighbourhood team at Beaumont Leys for the sterling work they did in this case. I highlight the work of the investigating officer P.C.Finney for special praise,he worked relentlessly on this investigation despite some real problems due to the ages of the victims involved.

Recently we arrested seven people at the end of August who were involved in a neighbour dispute which got badly out of hand. The persons involved used sticks and coshes to make their point which can never be justified. We had no option but to arrest all seven, which was a challenge but we managed it. All seven are on police bail for Affray.

Another satisfying outcome relates to a local man who pleaded guilty this month at Leicester Crown Court to three courier frauds and five other unconnected frauds. His modus operandi was to ring up people purporting to be from the police and state that their credit cards had been compromised. He would then question the victim over the telephone and obtain their personal details including PIN numbers. He would then arrange a taxi to visit the victims address and pick up the victims cards. He would then go on a spending spree. He is due to be sentenced on 5th September 2014 and we expect a custodial sentence.

To conclude, despite the government’s austerity measures we continue to tackle those individuals who cause us most harm. We currently detect 30% of all crimes that are reported to us because we put crime detection and victim satisfaction at the top of our list. We don`t get it right all of the time but where we fall short i ensure that we learn from our mistakes because after all we are only human.My expectation is that if you report a crime then you should expect us to try our hardest to trace and prosecute the person responsible.

Finally, if you have any intelligence about people who have committed any type of criminal offence then let us know. It only via your information that we are able to concentrate on those individuals who cause you and us most harm. I can reassure you that we do act on every bit of intelligence we receive.

As always thanks for reading

Inspector Kev Morris

Traffic Matters

Traffic issues are always a topic that everyone has a view on which is evident whenever I put anything on this subject out on Twitter or Facebook as it generates the most responses. Last week I was tweeting from my phone and managed to say we were deploying speed camera cans -what one letter can do to change the meaning of the sentence but it did make for some amusing comments.

Last month in the Melton Times there was a letter on the danger of using mobile phones when driving. The letter asked how many drivers had received a ticket in Melton and the number surprised me as being less than 20 in the last 8 months so staff at Melton will be on the lookout for offending drivers.

The seriousness of mobile phone use behind the wheel was very evident in a recent trial in Cambridgeshire where a woman was sentenced to six years after texting on two phones before a fatal crash. Judge Enright was very forthright in his summing up stating “Mobile phone use while driving is a plague on our society.” If you are involved in a serious accident police will look at your mobile so just don’t use it.

Using a mobile phone whilst driving may cost you your liberty and someone’s life but at the very least will cost you £100 and 3 points on your licence or there is an option to avoid the points by attending an education course designed to change driver behaviour.

The other big 3 factors in fatal or serious accidents are speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and drink drive; Leicester Police run regular clinics to target these and is termed the ‘fatal 4’. It still amazes me how many people do not wear a seat belt –over 30 in just 4 hours last time in Melton.

I often hear comments that tackling traffic offences is a revenue generator but this is a myth as the police do not get the revenue –it goes to the treasury. Some of the money is returned to us but only for promoting road safety so that is not the reason we deal with this –the reason is the majority of the public ask us and if you have ever lost a loved one on the roads then you will understand why.

I often get asked by the public if the speed camera vans can be parked on their street but these are deployed on the whole to main arteriole routes where there is either an accident black spot, community concern or where the data collected by the grey monitoring boxes show the problem of speeding to be serious in terms of numbers and the amount drivers are over the speed limit. If you want to get involved at a more local level i.e. to street then please engage with your beat team. Currently speeding is a priority on both rural beats as this is what the majority of people consulted have asked for. You can find a consultation form on the Force website at the bottom titled ‘Have Your Say’

If you take a look under the priorities for Melton Rural North in Local Policing you will see an update on the work so far tackling speeding –over 100 drivers found speeding in one village alone.

Clearly enforcement is one way to tackle this problem but the main weapon is you to impress on drivers you travel with not to use a mobile, not to put their foot down, belt up and don’t drink and drive.

NW Leics Police – August update

Welcome to my August update.

We will remember them

On Monday 4th August officers from the Ashby Safer Neighbourhood team visited the BUPA Care Home in Ashby to share their memories and experiences from previous conflicts. Here is a photo of Arthur ‘Jack’ Faulkes who was a Spitfire pilot during the Second World War together with members of the local police team.

Former Spitfire pilot Arthur 'Jack' Faulkes with members of the Ashby police team

Former Spitfire pilot Arthur ‘Jack’ Faulkes with members of the Ashby police team

Just prior to leaving for my summer break I took part in a Dedication Ceremony at Coalville’s War Memorial to remember local service personnel who have died serving their country since World War Two. It was a moving and fitting tribute to four men who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country.


Coalville memorial

Coalville memorial

Crime figures heading in the right direction

July saw the World Cup, and whilst the exploits of the England team were disappointing I was delighted with the local response in tackling any potential problems arising out of licensing and alcohol consumption.

In partnership with North West Leicestershire District Council we gave inputs to the Pubwatch schemes in Coalville and Ashby, visited all licensed premises, undertook test purchase operations and deployed extra patrols during key matches.

Compared to 2013 we saw a 16% drop in violent crime which meant ten fewer victims. Although it could be argued that the demise of England’s fortunes had a part to play in this, I would say that the concerted effort of ourselves and the team at North West Leicestershire District Council have played a significant part, particularly at a time when we would have expected to see a rise in reports irrespective of the success of the national team.

I am particularly grateful to Cath Ridgeway from the Night Time Economy team at NWLDC, and Sgt Mark Watson who is the lead for licensing at NW LPU.

Keeping with the crime theme, our performance in this area continues to head in the right direction. A particular headline I would like to refer to is our house burglary figures. Since the start of the performance year which commences in April, we have seen a 35% drop in reports of house burglary. This equates to 25 fewer victims. I am aware that concern about becoming a victim of burglary is very high on many people’s lists, and we will work hard at NW Leics police to drive those numbers down even further.

Download results

On a final note in relation to crime. I have now had the final figures in relation to Download at Donington Park. I am delighted that this year saw massive reductions in reported crime, with a 70% drop from 391 reported offences in 2013 to 91 this year. We normally have a problem with thefts from tents, however this year we received 53 reports as compared to 192 in 2013.

Lock it lose it!

The number of reports we have received about thefts from vehicles has remained stable, however about 15% of them relate to vehicles that have been left insecure. It would help us enormously if you could remove all valuable items and lock your car when you leave it.

We also regularly recover stolen property but often find it difficult to identify it. Help us by registering with the national police property database, Immobilise. Please visit this link for more information

For mobile devices, make sure you activate the find my iphone or ipad app, or the equivalent if you are a windows or android user.

Another award for North West Leicestershire Police

In previous updates I have referred to members of the team here who have won awards, with Police Volunteer Bob Bancroft, PCSO Rob Inman and PC James Broomfield recently receiving awards for their contribution to the police and community in North West Leicestershire.

I am delighted to inform you that PC Mark Arjoo, Beacon Officer for the Ashby Safer Neighbourhood Team was Highly Commended in the recent Leicestershire Police Community Officer of the Year awards.

Mark has been a police officer for 20 years and a local beat bobby for the last ten. In addition to traditional police duties Mark has made an impact far and wide in the local community.

Ashby Beacon Officer PC Mark Arjoo

Ashby Beacon Officer PC Mark Arjoo

Mark has played a key role with Ashby Street Pastors, and was the only local officer to be invited to the Street Pastor national conference. He is also involved with a local youth football project, Ashby Pubwatch and Shopwatch, the Ashby Statute, and will often work in his own time make sure events and meetings are covered.

If you see Mark out and about be sure to stop him and congratulate him on his achievement.

Drugs Warrant update

In the last update I mentioned that we had executed a drugs warrant. Since then a local man has been charged in connection with drugs offences and is due to appear in court in September. Watch this space for further information.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Helena Bhakta

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8 positives in summer drink drive campaign, recent Fatal 4 traffic operation saw 39 vehicles stopped, 29 for no seat belt, 12 for excess speed, 3 on their mobile phone, and remainder for other offences.

Beaumont Leys LPU Commanders July 2014 Blog

                                 Beaumont Leys July 2014 Blog

It’s been a busy month for Beaumont Leys officers. The main topic of conversation at the moment is the impending review of policing within Leicestershire. Due to the requirement to save money as part of the government austerity programme we are going to have a smaller neighbourhood team here at Beaumont Leys. However, the team will be more problem focused and free to do local policing work,as a consequence they will not be investigating crime, but concentrating on solving local problems like anti social behaviour and offender management. Reorganisation is generally seen as a negative trait but I firmly believe that this review is a great opportunity to do policing in a different but better way. Exciting times ahead but whatever happens when this review is implemented,we will still continue to provide the usual first class policing response that we have always provided. 

Our initiative against local drug dealers continues and some of those individuals who were arrested a few months ago are starting to return to answer their bail. All are going to be charged with offences linked to dealing controlled substances. Keep updated by following me on twitter, @beaumontleyslpu if your not a social media buff, there will be regular updates in the local press. 

On the drug dealing theme a local dealer called Sean Downs pleaded guilty at court to supplying class “A” drugs, and received a three year sentence. He thought that he was untouchable because he was a medium level dealer. No one is untouchable when it comes to drug dealing and we will remorselessly hunt them down. We are now in the process of ensuring that Mr Down’s assets will be forfeited and we are currently busy collating what he possesses. We have recovered cash; vehicles and clothing which hopefully the court will agree are proceeds of crime and order there forfeiture.

Our initiative hasn’t finished yet because there is still plenty of work to be done to target those people who continue to deal/use drugs within our community. We still have a number of warrants which we intend to execute over the coming weeks, watch this space. I must thank the local community who have supplied us with all the intelligence to enable us to concentrate on particular individuals. My message is, “we are coming for you!” 

On a lighter note we did another crime prevention day in conjunction with Beaumont Leys shopping centre and Leicester City Council. We fitted anti tamper number plate screws free of charge to shoppers who visited the centre. It was another busy day with plenty of vehicles visiting our stand. Hopefully this initiative will lessen the chances of those people becoming a victim of car crime.If you want any free anti tamper number plate screws then please visit us at the station and we will supply you with the relevant screws applicable to your make of vehicle.Sadly we are unable to fit them.

We also supplied staff to assist with the charitable walk for Syria which took place in Abbey Park at the beginning of the month. It was a fun day with plenty of people joining in the walk and I believe a substantial amount of money was raised for this charity. 

We are also holding a community fun day on Sunday 3rd August 2014 on Beaumont Park. The main event will be a charity football tournament consisting of numerous teams from the local community. They will be competing for the Beaumont Community Challenge trophy. There will be a car boot sale, bouncy castles, live music and dancing as well as a fun fair. Food will be available all day including alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Our local beat team will be there to offer advice and discuss any problems or issues you may have. If you’re in the area please come along it starts at 11am, see you there. 

During the hot weather please be aware of your surroundings, if you wear expensive jewellery then ensure that it is covered as much as possible because people are snatching items by cycling passed and grabbing chains. It’s all over in a matter of seconds,so take care. Windows and doors are another vulnerable spot because people leave them open to aid ventilation. The opportunist thief will be in and out in seconds before you realise and usually steal portable items such as cash, phones and jewellery which are easy to transport. All I would say is take care in this weather and keep your wits about you.  

As always stay safe and report anything suspicious either in person or via the telephone. We would rather be contacted and it turns out to be nothing than not be contacted and it turns out to be something. There are various ways that you can get in touch with us either visit the station, ring 101 or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111