Tackling Burglary and cross border crime in Melton Mowbray

The front page about the rise in burglaries a couple of weeks ago was not one I want to see but sadly for many victims this has been a reality here in Melton. If you watched the local news on Thursday night you will have seen the Assistant Chief Constable Roger Bannister talking about the rise in burglaries over Nottingham, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

My staff have been working hard to tackle these and we are slowly getting some success and I will be reporting on individuals who have been charged and remanded into custody to await trail once I am able which is after conviction.

At the start of April the Safer Melton Partnership which consists of a number of different agencies set about an ambitious project centred around burglary. The project is Communities Against Crime led by Paul Appleby who can be followed on twitter and face book @Melton_CCC and this is the same on Facebook. This will see police staff, volunteers, council staff and Neighbourhood Watch working together to visit as many people as possible on a street or a village that has suffered a burglary. We are looking to provide advice around a number of crime prevention strands and will be helping secure sheds, fit tamper proof number plate screws to cars, offer discounted items such as locks etc and provide an enhanced crime prevention input around the house; we are looking to help you register your valuables in the National Property register and look to raise the profile of the Neighbourhood Watch to list some of the aims.

This will hopefully lead to crime reductions but more importantly in a reduction in the number of victims of these crimes. One good example of a recent success is where a neighbour had the foresight to spot some males acting suspiciously and photographed their car registration. Their hunch was right as a break in followed but their foresight enabled us to make arrests of people from Leicester City.

I would still appeal to the public to secure their property, not leave downstairs windows open and to be vigilant about people operating in their neighbourhood and give us a call if you think people are engaged in crime on 101 or if happening at the time 999. Any community intelligence can be shared with local staff but if you are worried about doing this then please phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555111


On a separate but slightly related note we continue to tackle rural crime and target those criminals who travel from other areas to commit crime in Melton Borough. On Thursday 17th July we joined forces with Nottingham Police, British Transport Police, HMRC, Environment agency, Rushcliffe Council , Smartwater and VOSA in a day of action centred around metal theft. This saw everyone working together to achieve the best outcomes where a total of 17 vehicles were stopped and checked. One was seized for using red diesel and an expired vehicle excise licence. One had an immediate prohibition notice served as un-roadworthy and was collected via lorry and taken from the site for repairs. One male was reported for scrap collecting without the correct permits. Numerous vehicles were issued rectification notices for repairs and we gained some valuable intelligence on travelling criminals

Cross border Op






Rutland LPU – July Update

Welcome to the latest update from Rutland.

Volunteers on horseback

Since my update in April we received national television coverage about our volunteers on horseback initiative. BBC Crimewatch Roadshow came to do some filming with us in May and the piece went out at the beginning of June.

Filming with BBC Crimewatch Roadshow

Filming with BBC Crimewatch Roadshow

The number of volunteers continues to grow and I regularly receive feedback they are being seen all around Rutland.

We recently had a group of volunteers in at Oakham where they were given training in first aid, including CPR and heartstart.

If you would like to find out more about this initiative my contact details are at the end of this update.

Old fashioned policing

Thankfully burglaries are relatively rare in Rutland, however I was pleased to see some old fashioned policing prevent a burglary in Cottesmore in early June.

PC Laurie Appleton and PC Pete Icke were on patrol in Cottesmore when they saw two men near to a house they knew had been the subject of a burglary earlier in the year. Something did not appear to be right so the officers stopped to speak to the men

PC 1742 Laurie Appleton

PC 1742 Laurie Appleton


PC 2113 Peter Icke

PC 2113 Peter Icke

One man was detained and the second one ran off, however he was also detained a short while later.

Further investigation indicated that an attempt had been made to enter a house and both men were arrested.

The men were subsequently charged with attempted burglary on the house in Cottesmore, as well as a burglary in Grantham, and one of the men was charged with a burglary in Melton. Following on from their appearance at Leicester Magistrates’ Court, the men have been remanded to prison.

I am delighted with this result and is an example of local knowledge combined with a well-honed police officer’s ‘nose’ has brought about a great result.

I will inform you of the outcome in my next update.

Church Watch

rutland church watch

I mentioned Church Watch in the last update. Since then PC Paul Le Pla and his team of PCSOs have worked hard and visited all 54 churches in Rutland. Each church has been risk assessed from a crime prevention perspective and in particular to lead theft. Only one church has been identified as being at high risk whereas nine were classed at high risk when we launched Church Watch over two years ago.

During that time we have had only one lead theft.   Crime against churches is very rare, but that does not mean we are complacent as we understand the impact that crime against churches can have in local communities.

If you would like more information about church watch you can email Paul from this link. mailto:paul.lepla@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk

Sale of Oakham Police station

In recent weeks many of my conversations have been dominated by the sale of Oakham police station. If you have passed by the station recently, you will have seen the ‘for sale’ sign outside.

The police station has been put up for sale now that planning permission has been granted to build a smaller police office on the car park at the rear of the building. The building which is being sold on the open market, will not close until the new one is ready. The new building will be smaller and therefore cost less to run.

Ultimately what this means is that there will still be local police officers based in Oakham.

High Sherriff visit

Recently I had a lovely meeting with the High Sherriff of Rutland, Air Commodore Miles Williamson-Noble.

Meeting the High Sherriff of Rutland

Meeting the High Sherriff of Rutland

He was keen to hear about the future of policing in Rutland and I was able to update him about the challenges we face in policing a largely rural community. One aspect the High Sherriff wanted to hear more about was our approach to illegal ‘rave’ parties. With such a large area to cover we work hard to build our intelligence picture about possible illegal raves. When they do happen we have to strike a balance between the resources we have available as well as dealing with the situation at hand and any offences that have occurred.

If you have any information about a proposed rave then please ring us on 101, or alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers which is free and anonymous on 0800 555 111.

We are always keen to find out what your concerns are, and I would ask that you take a few moments to complete this short survey, which can be found by visiting this link.

You can also follow me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/rutlandlpu

Until next time

Inspector Lou Cordiner

Rutland Local Policing Unit

Beaumont Leys blog for June

Hi everyone and welcome to the Beaumont Leys blog for June. It has been another busy month for me and my staff. Our proactive operation to target local drug dealing continues to yield results. We have so far arrested over thirty people and seized substantial amounts of Cannabis, Heroin and Cocaine. We have number of people awaiting trial and I’m sure substantial sentences will follow. If you do deal drugs we will seize all assets including your designer gear such as watches, clothing, cash, cars and houses. We are not going to let up on this initiative and more warrants will be executed next month. This is excellent news for our local communities because it reduces the numbers of ASB incidents linked to drug misuse and it also means that crime is beginning to show a downward path.

It was pleasing to see that the courts jailed a local man, David Atkinson for 16 months after he brandished a machete at a local nursery school in Beaumont Leys. That was a really fool hardy thing to do and the consequences could have been a whole lot worse. Well done to my team who responded quickly and detained Mr Atkinson and offered the correct amount of reassurance to the children and patents involved.

We deal with a myriad of incidents on a daily basis trying to keep people safe on the three beats we cover. As well as trying to tackle drug misuse we have dealt with numerous offences including individuals who have set fire to their flat, people stealing from shops, persons breaking into cars and people assaulting one another. Unfortunately the hot weather does not help because people drink a little more than usual and tend to become involved in petty arguments which subsequently result in assaults. 

The hot weather also means an increase in off road motorcycles using open/common land. We currently have a planned operation to specifically target this issue. Please be aware that we will seize your motorcycle if you’re caught riding on open land. You will not get it back either because we will apply to the courts to get them crushed.

We recently assisted our colleagues from T.V. Licensing to enforce a number of warrants across the LPU against people who they had identified as using a television without a licence. Until the government decide otherwise we will always assist our partner agencies to target those individuals who believe that they can get away with it because they believe that the law doesn’t apply to them.

We also recently arrested a juvenile male who had been going door to door pretending to be collecting for a national charity. Once the door had been opened he would take the opportunity to steal money from within addresses. On interview he admitted three offences of burglary and is currently on bail pending a disposal decision. Please be aware of unknown persons purporting to be from local or national charities asking for monies. All bone fide charity collectors will have identification and will not mind you asking to see it. If you are still unsure you can always contact the charity direct.

In August we are running a football tournament for the local people to try and raise funds for a local community football team and the remainder will be going to a local charity. Stay turned for further information next month. 

If you have any information about criminality in my area you can contact us in a number of ways. You can either contact us by telephone on 101, email us via our force website, write to us or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 

If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening on my local policing unit you can follow me on twitter @beaumontleyslpu 

As always thanks for reading.

Inspector K.S.Morris

Beaumont Leys

Local Policing Commander


Hinckley and Bosworth LPU Commander – June 2014

I am writing this article on a sunny Saturday afternoon as I prepare for a shift ahead in the city centre, looking after the Kasabian concert.  Looks like it is going to be a warm one too!  On days like this, most people will have windows and doors open to let some fresh air in.  Just make sure that you keep an eye on all points of access to your homes – opportunist burglars love this weather too!!

Burglaries levels are down on last year but we are not complacent.  Last Thursday we arrested three men suspected of being involved in a series of burglaries in the Hinckley area.  The ringleader has now been remanded in custody for other linked offences.  Thanks to DC Matt Wiggins and the CID team at Hinckley for working some very long hours over the weekend to bring this case to a positive conclusion.

We say goodbye to PC Sean Hannigan in a couple of weeks.  He is taking a five year career break to study a Master’s degree in Germany.  He will be replaced by PC Phil Hale, who is a very experienced officer and will do a fine job of filling Sean’s shoes.  Phil will be working from the Market Bosworth office.  Meanwhile, we all wish Sean the very best with his studies and look forward to seeing him again in a few years.

For up to date information on policing in our area, please follow me on twitter @HinckleyLPU.  I’m getting close to the 900 followers mark and every little helps!!  Thanks for reading.

Inspector Jonny Starbuck – Hinckley and Bosworth Police Commander

A significant element of our work at Hinckley is to tackle the issues that are important to the community. We regularly engage and consult with large part of the community as well as statutory and voluntary partners. I would therefore be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete our on-line questionnaire and tell us about issues that you feel need tackling. It can be found by visiting this link.


We use the results from this survey to assist us with setting our neighbourhood priorities.

If you want to receive regular policing updates and information about the Hinckley area please sign up to our community messaging system, Neighbourhood Link.


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Loughborough Police Station

Loughborough Police June Update

Welcome to my latest update.


Our performance in terms of crime is closely monitored and is always of interest to local people. Our recording year starts in April, much like the tax year, and we examine crime trends on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We also use data from previous years which we combine to identify emerging trends and take proactive as well as reactive action, to not only drive crime down but also identify and deal with offenders.

Since the start of April we have seen a 4.2% decrease in the total amount of crime we have had reported to us when compared to 2012-13. This amounts to 40 or so less reports. Whilst it is still very early to break out the champagne, we will continue to work hard and keep the numbers going in the right direction.

We have seen an increase in thefts from gardens, sheds and allotments of 21% which is 12 more offences. A number of the offences reported to us relate to where property has been left insecure.

Fitting a good quality lock to your garage or shed and not leaving tools out will help prevent you becoming a victim of crime.

As I was reviewing the crime figures, I noticed that theft of cycles had reduced by 15% with 9 fewer victims. Together with the Crime Safety Partnership we have undertaken a great deal of work in this area, with bike hub events, bike marking, and offering for sale good quality D-locks. Perhaps you have seen the ‘yellow’ bike in Loughborough Town centre. Hopefully the reduction in thefts is a sign that the hard work is starting to pay off.

Look out for the yellow bikes in Loughborough

Look out for the yellow bikes in Loughborough


Operation Umbel

Operation Umbel is our ongoing operation designed to target and reduce anti-social behaviour in and around Loughborough Town centre. We work closely with Charnwood Borough Council and Loughborough University with a range of activities.

We recently ran a ‘mock bar’ event at Loughborough Students Union. This included a quiz on the units of alcohol in popular drinks. We linked this to a reaction machine kindly provided by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. Each participant was allowed two attempts on the reaction machine. On the second attempt they were given ‘beer goggles’ to wear which mimic the effects of alcohol consumption, in particular reduced peripheral vision and hand-eye coordination.

Without beer goggles

Without beer goggles

With beer goggles

With beer goggles

If you get the chance to try the ‘beer goggle’ experience please do so, and you will get a better understanding of why you should not drink and drive.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams

Through this period of austerity, Leicestershire Police have undergone a massive amount of change during the course of which we have seen a number of our police stations sold. Despite that we still remain committed to local policing and during my time here I will work hard to ensure that we have a local policing presence across Loughborough, Shepshed and Hathern.

With that in mind I am going to use this update to highlight our local police teams.

The Shepshed and Loughborough West team, are still based in Shepshed in the Police and Fire Station on Charnwood Road.

PC Phil Martindale

Pc 1799 Phil Martindale is the Beacon Officer for the team and is ably supported by :

Sergeant Martin Owen, Pc Nick Reeve, Pc Rich Neville, PC Tom Brenton, Pc Linda Stephens, PCSO Kelly Davis, PCSO Liesel Wilkins, PCSO Hannah Timlock.

The team cover Shepshed and the west side of Loughborough and they hold regular engagement events.

The next one is on the 21st and 22nd July between 9am and 10pm each day in Hallcroft, Shepshed. This is an opportunity to meet the team and receive crime prevention advice, and have property post coded.

Please visit this link to find out more information about the team


You can also follow the team on twitter @LBoroPolice


Enjoy the World Cup, until next time


Nathan Kirk


Loughborough Police

Reduce the chance of becoming another statistic

Over the last 5 years there has been a steady decrease in crime equating to about 30% in Melton or 1000 less victims. This is great news but there are still too many victims of crime and alarmingly we are now seeing a rise in the numbers in certain types particularly car crime and burglaries. You may be reading this as one of those victims and reductions will mean nothing to you. The theft of Stu Sparling’s wheelchair brought home to us the profound effect crime has even when we are so accustomed to dealing with it. I want to thank everyone who helped with that burglary and it reminded us that the majority of people are good law abiding decent members of our community and it was heartening to read some of the comments on Face Book. 

I wanted to use this month’s article to focus on what you can do to help reduce the chance of becoming a victim and what plans we have to bring those responsible to justice. Far too many crimes have happened through opportunism where doors have been left unlocked and cars left with valuables on show. Very often people do not mark their property or have the serial numbers. This week we made 2 arrests and executed a warrant in Old Dalby where a ‘shed’ load of property was recovered ranging from lawn mowers to bikes to generators and the like –we now have the mammoth task of proving this property is stolen to bring a case to court. There are some simple measures you can take. You can register your property for free on the National Property Register www.immobilise.com which is searched by the police when property is recovered. For a small charge they supply stickers to apply to your property indicating the items are recorded –whilst this may not stop the theft it may mean you get the items back and allows the police to bring successful prosecutions. Join the Neighbourhood Watch –we regularly supply info for members so you are better informed of the crime picture. My last article encourages people to phone us if they see people acting suspiciously and we would also encourage you to tell us about any intelligence about who is doing this. If you are not confident to contact the police you can use Crimestoppers confidentially on 0800 555111

 Sheds are now being targeted but again there are some simple steps you can take. Buy a decent padlock and battery powered shed alarm. You can contact the police station as we have small supply of locks. Mark your strimmers and lawn mowers with your house number and post code in permanent marker; chain expensive items to a fixed point again this may deter a would be thief. We are now seeing the hinges being unscrewed –coach bolts will stop this and we are offering free coach bolts at the police station and council offices which will be available in the next week to repeat victims of shed breaks where this has happened. These bolts can also be obtained from any hardware shop and are not that expensive

The majority of this type of crime is committed by a small number of criminals and we work with other agencies to manage these people who often have a drugs habit that drives them in their offending. A lot of multi-agency work goes on in this arena and if you are someone who is committing crime there is help available if you want it. The Safer Melton Partnership starts a project shortly where all the partners will be visiting victims of burglary and their neighbours to work with them around crime prevention measures. You will read in the paper last week a number of justice outcomes and we will continue to try and bring offenders before the courts. We recently charged 2 people with handling stolen goods from 2 of the recent burglaries and I will report more on this when I am able

Beaumont Leys local policing unit May 2014 Blog

Welcome to May’s blog for Beaumont Leys local policing unit (LPU) where I shall summarise last month’s activities by my officers. Crime continues to rise across the LPU, we are currently 73 crimes up, on this time last year. Commercial burglary is currently our Achilles heel, individuals are targeting factories, Porta cabins and schools. At the moment we are 17 crimes up in this category and the item of choice to steal seems to be copper piping. However, we have contributed to our own downfall in strange sort of way because we have executed 20 more misuse of drug warrants compared to this time last year which contribute to our overall crime increase. 

Now i`ve highlighted the drug theme I’ll just take a few sentence to speak about the goods work my staff have done to target this menace that blights our communities. During May we have executed twelve misuse of drug warrants across the LPU. My officers have recovered substantial amounts of drugs, cash and designer items such as clothing and watches. We plan to apply to the courts for forfeiture of the items and deny criminals there ill gotten gains. A recent warrant we executed on the New Parks resulted in the offender receiving a custodial sentence of 3 years and 3 months. Who says crime pays? Not if we have anything to with it. We will continue our sustained effort to target drug dealers across the LPU for the rest of the year. I’m sure that our hard work will achieve the desired result in the long term a reduction in overall crime and send a message to those to supply and deal drugs in the area. 

We have had some recent success with planned operations that we have undertaken. Recently we had a spate of diesel thefts at a local factory on the Abbey Ward. We undertook covert observations at the location and caught the offender red handed trying to siphon diesel by cutting the fuel pipes .He was ultimately charged with this offence and two others he had committed during the previous days. 

Another good arrest was the detaining of four persons who were arrested trying to steal a pedal cycle from the cycle rack at the Glenfield hospital. All four have been bailed pending further enquiries. I’m sure that charges will follow upon their return. 

Satisfaction, how we deal with your crime/ incident has shown another increase across the LPU. We currently have an overall satisfaction level of 87.9% which is great news because it means we are getting it right the majority of the time. However, we are not complacent and we will strive to increase our levels of service still further. 

Our volunteers continue to do sterling work in supporting me and my team. Over the last month they have held two crime prevention events. In early May they supported the annual emergency day at the Abbey Pumping Station with a crime prevention stand which was very busy due to the number of freebies that were on offer. We also ran a crime prevention event at the Leicester College relating to pedal cycle security and the best way to secure unattended cycles. I would ask everyone to invest in a good quality bike lock preferably a D lock. Thieves love pedal bikes because they are easy to sell on, they tend to target bikes that are poorly secured. 

Recently I attended the Curve theatre for a showing of the New Parks Youth Joint Action Group anti bullying video. I have to say that I was impressed with the quality and overall message of the video. It just highlighted to me what positive action the community can take when they see a problem that they want to tackle. I have to say that there are some budding actors in the New Parks. 

Please ensure that you secure any gardening equipment in a secure shed rather than leaving it in your garden. The summer months tend to see an increase in the theft of tools and equipment from gardens,so please lock them away. 

As always thanks for reading if you want to keep bang up to date with what’s happening at Beaumont Leys LPU please follow me on twitter. 


 Take care 

Inspector Kev Morris